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Lacking a logical sequence

Early on I broke

In black and white and slow motion.

Unaware of the cracks

Pieces missing large and small

I plowed forward

Heedless, fearless, helter-skelter

And whenever things went sideways

Jumped on the bandwagon

Blamed myself

Just not good enough.


Repeat, repeat


Maybe halfway through 

I stumbled over clues

Began restoration

Dug through archives

Mended, tended to

Until all things considered

Inherent value untouched

I was as good as I could be.

Finally able to connect with others

I reconnected with myself

That smart, funny, lovable girl

Just in time for real, true love.


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Profile photo of Barbara Buckles Barbara Buckles
Artist, writer, storyteller, spy. Okay, not a spy…I was just going for the rhythm.

I call myself “an inveterate dabbler.” (And my husband calls me “an invertebrate babbler.”) I just love to create one way or another. My latest passion is telling true stories live, on stage. Because it scares the hell out of me.

As a memoirist, I focus on the undercurrents. Drawing from memory, diaries, notes, letters and photographs, I never ever lie, but I do claim creative license when fleshing out actual events in order to enhance the literary quality, i.e., what I might have been wearing, what might have been on the table, what season it might have been. By virtue of its genre, memoir also adds a patina of introspection and insight that most probably did not exist in real time.

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Characterizations: moving, well written


  1. Laurie Levy says:

    Beautiful, Barb. I’m so glad you decided to write this.

  2. Marian says:

    I love this, Barb, and how true. Before you can deeply reconnect with others, it helps to be in a connected place with yourself.

  3. Suzy says:

    Wow, Barb, this is amazing. “Finally able to connect with others I reconnected with myself.” So powerful! Glad that your pensive mood led you to write this. And I love the picture – just perfect!

  4. Betsy Pfau says:

    This left me speechless, Barb. Where to begin…the photo, so beautiful but lonely. The first paragraph feels sort of heartbreaking; sad, makes me want to reach out and hug you. Don’t blame yourself. But then, redemption. You have broken out of that destructive cycle and found love and happiness (I think about your wonderful Valentine piece). You talk to the three other Admins, but I am not part of the discussion, so am not clued into your current mood. But thank you for giving us this beautiful offering. It is straight from your soul. You have great beauty to offer, Barb. Never doubt that. I know your path hasn’t been easy or straight, but you have connected with a big fan on this side of the country.

    • Oh, Betsy…you are such a sweet friend. I can’t thank you enough, so I won’t try except to say that you’ve absolutely touched my heart. My mood has to do with not feeling well after my second vaccine. I almost didn’t post a story, then it just came to me so I went with it. I’ll be commenting on all the other wonderful stories as I’m able…I’m such a wuss!

      • Betsy Pfau says:

        Ah, thank you for answering. Now I understand and know you’ll be better soon. Massachusetts just made the boomers (65+) eligible as of Thursday morning at 8am and let me tell you, it was unbelievable. I do believe the governor will be voted out of office for this. The website couldn’t handle the traffic, the reservations weren’t posted for hours, my husband and I tried for hours, but we did, each secure our first shots for next week, though not at the same place or on the same day. To be continued…

  5. Have you set this to music, Barbara? It’s very touching and I can imagine it being a song in the style of James Taylor or Carly Simon. Anyway, thank you for sharing.

  6. Brava Bebe, thanx for this lovely piece and for your openness, your honesty, your guts and your many artistic gifts! Keep sharing!

  7. This is terrific, Barbara. There’s just something about the economy of poetry that is so effective in communicating. And yes, reconnection begins at “home” even when it seems that it ends there.

    • Thanks, Tom! In poetry I find less need to explain. Much like flash writing, it’s almost minimalist. Re your point about reconnection and home, it reminds me of a mobius strip. Thanks for those observations…they made me think a little more deeply about my writing.

  8. Khati Hendry says:

    A lovely post—your honesty and pain is shared by many who do not feel connected. How wonderful to have found connection as well.

  9. Dave Ventre says:

    Quite moving. Sometimes we forget that our inner circle includes us.

  10. John Shutkin says:

    This is just beautiful and touching poetry, Barb. Plus, you seem to have absolutely perfected what RetroFlash is supposed to do. I am both delighted and humbled.

    And your brilliant point was, as they say, hiding in plain sight. We must first connect –or reconnect, if necessary — with ourselves if we hope to do the same with others. Thank you for reminding us of this.

    And, yes, great featured image, too.

  11. So many good sounds embedded in this powerful poem. “Heedless, fearless, helter-skelter.” All those S sounds and H sounds and L sounds mixed into a symphonic rhythm.

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