Life happens. To all of us. Writing about it is a proven way to make sense of it. Every person’s story is unique but at the same time universal. Sharing your life stories with others connects us to our common human experience. We’re all in this together.

We are a storytelling species. It is through stories that we remember, learn, and make sense of our world and, ultimately, our lives.

CampfireEach week on the Retrospect® website and in our newsletter, we post a prompt designed to evoke memories and feelings, and we invite you to share a story or recollection in response.

Every story is unique and personal, from all walks of life. Story by story, each of us will grow a collection of stories that document our own personal history. Share them with family and friends, or with the entire Retrospect community.

Over time, we will generate a large collection of stories on a variety of topics—an unprecedented social history of an extraordinary generation; the Baby Boom generation, born 1946 to 1964.*

“There is no history, only biography.”
—R.W. Emerson

We’ve lived through it all, from Romper Room to Breaking Bad, flying cars to driverless cars, and draft cards to social security cards. We invite you to join us as, together, we think back on the events and memories and milestones and cultural forces that shaped our lives. Think back—tell stories—and share forward. On MyRetrospect.com.

The Retrospect Advantage

Never written anything? Don’t worry. Writing style is less important than telling your story as you experienced it. We’ve made the process easy—and even fun! It will feel like you’ve joined a lively dinner party of old friends and amiable strangers, where amid tasty food and flowing wine the conversation turns to young love or old TV shows or lessons learned, and everyone chimes in with their best story.

MyRetrospect.com is a safe place for community members to read and share their stories. Treat other community members as you would your best friends. You can always find something positive to say even when you disagree.

Ready to join us? Here’s How to Get Started. Happy storytelling!

Suzy, Marian, & Laurie
Retrospect Team

Patti, John, & Susan

* Near-boomers and non-boomers are welcome too—especially our friends and families!

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