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Shopping: Then and Now (4 Stories)

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What do you miss about shopping when you were growing up? How different is shopping now, and what are the gains and losses to your lifestyle?

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Superstitions (2 Stories)

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Webster’s defines superstition as a belief held despite evidence to the contrary. As Eurocentric beings, we usually dismiss superstitions as unscientific.

But in other cultures, dreams, visions, people, places, and events are seen as omens of good or bad luck.

Did you harbor any superstitions as a child? Do you have any now, or do you know of any held by family or friends?

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Waiting Rooms (1 Story)

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We all have spent time sitting in a doctor’s or dentist’s office,  waiting for an exam,  or a diagnosis, or test results for yourself or a loved one.

What do you remember about waiting rooms as a child?  What’s it like for you to spend time in a waiting room today?   Why,  when,  and where do you remember waiting?

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Tattoos and Piercings (1 Story)

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Tattoos and body piercing have been traditionally practiced in many cultures for millennia.

But in ours it was usually just sailors who were tattooed,  and women’s ears that were pierced - that is until recently.  Now tattoos and piercings seem ubiquitous!

Are you inked or pierced?  Are your friends or your kids?   Do you find those practices appealing or distasteful?

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Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll (2 Stories)

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Over the years we’ve all heard the phrase “Sex,  drugs,  and rock & roll”.  That rowdy triad became a slogan,  a macho myth,  even an advertising hook.

How do you view the phrase?  Did you identify with its celebratory aspect?  Was it a call to rebellion?  Did you aspire to embrace all those elements into your life?

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Past Prompts

Silence (4 Stories)

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Sound plays a major role in our lives. Sound gives us early warnings, enables verbal communication, and affords us the pleasure of music. But what about the absence of sound - silence?

What impressions, emotions, or memories do you carry about silence? Did you fear it as a child? Now do you seek it as an opportunity for peace and contemplation?

Or, in the company of others, do you sometimes talk simply to avoid silence? Or conversely does the compulsive talk of others put your nerves on edge?

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1963 (5 Stories)

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President John F Kennedy delivers a major speech for civil rights.  A few months later he is assassinated in downtown Dallas.  Martin Luther King Jr leads the March on Washington. America becomes fully involved in the Vietnam conflict.  Dr Michael DeBakey implants the first artificial human heart.  The Supreme Court bans required prayers and Bible readings in public schools.  Charade; It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World; and The Great Escape premier at the movies.

Where were you in 1963 and how were you affected by the events of that memorable year?

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Books That Inspired Me (5 Stories)

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Are you a reader? If so what genres or authors do you like?

Did you read as a child? Were you read to? Have you read to your own children?

What books have inspired you, and in what ways?

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Fears and Phobias (6 Stories)

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Many of us have fears or phobias - either legitimate or exaggerated.

Are you afraid of flying, or of dogs or spiders or snakes? Are you phobic about being in an enclosed space, or in a crowd, or about germs?

Have you ever tried to overcome these issues — with or without success?

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Pills (9 Stories)

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From shamanism to science, from plants to placebos,  we humans look beyond our bodies to cure illness, ease psychic pain, or alter reality.  And as we age, we turn more frequently to pharmacies and prescriptions.

What lurks in your medicine chest? Is it empty or overflowing with little plastic bottles? Do you feel secure as you swallow your morning dose, or do you curse your fate? And have you ever followed Jefferson Airplane’s advice to “Feed your head”?

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