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Daydreaming (4 Stories)

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“Dreaming is a way to pass the time, / dreaming everything will turn out fine;  / Dreaming is the only thing that’s mine; / Me, I live in dreams.”  Judy Collins

Have you related to daydreams in your life?  Do you try to make them a reality,  or do you see them as a momentary escape?  Or have your daydreams ever inspired you to moments of daring or great insight?  Or to a creative achievement in your life?

Think back about Daydreaming and share forward!


Think back about Daydreaming and share forward!
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Laundry (3 Stories)

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Most of us do it,  maybe we do it regularly,  or maybe we haven’t done it since college.  Maybe we do it at home,  or maybe we do it at the laundromat.

But whatever your laundry situation is,  do you find it a burdensome chore,  or do you find it relaxing or even pleasurable?

Have you had some funny laundry experiences?  Or some laundry catastrophes?  And have you ever aired any dirty laundry?

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Is Where I’m From Who I Am? (2 Stories)

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Have you ever thought about the influences your hometown had on your life and the person you’ve become?  How much daylight lies between the concepts of “where I’m from” and “who I am” for you?

What was it about the place and the people who grew up there that turned out to be important for you?

Think back about Is Where I’m From Who I Am?  and share forward!
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Dangerous Deeds (2 Stories)

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What is the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?  Did you do it voluntarily or involuntarily?  Was anyone else involved?

What was the outcome of your action?  What did you learn from your experience?

Think back about Dangerous Deeds and share forward.
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