Learning To Cook

Most of us can at least make breakfast, be it a boiled egg with toast or pancakes from a mix. Some of us prepare full meals as a matter of course. Think back … do you remember how you learned to cook? Did you teach yourself, or were you taught by a parent, a roommate, a partner, or in school? Have you ever taken a cooking class? Share your Learning to Cook stories forward.

Planes and Trains

While we most often traveled by automobile when we were young, we probably also took trips by airplane or train. We may have flown on propeller planes or jets. We may have even dressed up for plane or train travel. Think back … to a memorable experience you had involving a plane or train. Was it a good way to travel then? If you take long trips now, how do you travel? Share your Planes and Trains stories forward.

Favorite Fairy Tale

From Aladdin to The Ugly Duckling, we all know these stories. When we were young, they were read to us as bedtime stories. We may remember them in their less scary versions or in their darker, original versions by the Grimm Brothers or Hans Christian Anderson. Think back … Which fairy tale was your favorite? Was it read to you or did you read it with your children? Did you prefer the darker, the gentler, or the Disney version? Share your Favorite Fairy Tale story forward.

Feathering Our Nests

We humans instinctively try to make our homes attractive and comfortable. As Baby Boomers, throughout our lives we have “nested” in many different places, from childhood bedrooms, to dorm rooms, no-frills apartments, and upscale houses. Think back … what did you do to make a past dwelling, however humble, feel like home? How does it compare to your current house? Are the next generation’s nesting habits similar or different? Share your Feathering Our Nests stories forward.

Customer Service

There was a time when the motto of Marshall Fields Department Store in Chicago was, “Give the lady what she wants.” While that strikes us as archaic and sexist, in this era of call centers, online help, and limited in-person staff, customer service is a whole different animal. Think back … what memories of customer service do you have? How have things changed, whether it be air travel, shopping, or obtaining technical support? Share your customer service stories forward.

Drugs and Alcohol

Timothy Leary told us to “turn on, tune in, drop out.” Our generation was reputed to spend the Sixties in an altered state of consciousness, but this was not true for all of us. Think back … to your use of drugs or alcohol, to get wasted, or maybe just a little high. What did you do when you were young? How does it compare to your behavior now? 37 states have legalized marijuana as of 2022 – do you ever use it for medical or recreational purposes? Share your Drugs and Alcohol stories forward.

Priciest Purchase

Whether you’re consistently bargain conscious or of the you-get-what-you-pay-for mindset, you’ve probably splurged at least once. Setting aside houses and cars, be it jewelry, golf clubs, an original piece of art, heirloom bedding, or even a pair of shoes, think back … what is the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought, for yourself or for someone else? Share your Priciest Purchase stories forward.

Favorite Teacher

With Labor Day weekend upon us, our minds typically turn to memories of starting a school year (even though these days school more often starts in August). Among those memories are those of a favorite teacher. Think back … to a teacher who made an impact on your life. Who was this person? What did this educator do to become your favorite teacher? Share your Favorite Teacher stories forward.


Whether cramming for exams in school, intending to diet or exercise someday, or putting off going to the dentist: procrastination can take many forms. Some people procrastinate a lot, while others try to “do it now.” Think back … about a time when you or someone you know procrastinated—or didn’t. Did the hesitance or action have consequences? What was learned? Do you procrastinate today, or have you broken the habit? Share your procrastination stories forward.

Memorable Performances

We have all seen many performances, whether live or on screen, professional or amateur. They may have ranged in quality from award-winning to painfully bad. Think back … to a performance, whether by musicians, singers, dancers, or actors, that was so extraordinary that it stayed in your memory.  Something that struck you deeply, whether as a child, a young adult, or more recently. Share your Memorable Performances stories forward.