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Meditation - the practice of mindfulness to achieve mental clarity and emotional calm - has always been a traditional part of the Eastern religions of Jainism,  Buddhism,  and Hinduism.

In the 20th century meditation was used by the European psychoanalysts Carl Jung and Erich Fromm as part of their treatments.   And today’s Western medical establishment recognizes the benefits of meditation in reducing depression,  stress,  and anxiety.

Do you meditate?  If so,  how long have you practiced it,  and how has it helped you?

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Stuff (1 Story)

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People produce and purchase piles of stuff: pots and pans, papers and paraphernalia. Some stuff we use daily. Other stuff loses its novelty or utility.  Day by day, year by year, stuff circulates through our lives.

What do you do with all your stuff?  Do you hang on to it?  Or hide it away?  Do you sort,  organize,  and store it?  Or do you eject it in a desperate attempt to simplify your life?

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