How to Share Your Stories on Social Media

Social sharingTo share a story on Facebook, Twitter, or by email, simply click one of the icons at the top of the story. Or click the + icon to share on a wide choice of other social media.

You’ll see an initial social sharing message that you can customize as you wish. For example, here’s the window you get when sharing to Facebook:

Facebook share 2Just specify where or to whom to share, add your message, and click Post.

To Share or Not to Share?

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When you write or edit a story, you can decide how to share it using the Publish box in the upper right corner. The Visibility control lets you share stories with the entire community (Public, the default), but by clicking Edit, you can also choose to password protect it (and give the password—for now—to to those other beta testers you select) or keep it private. You can also click Publish Anonymously to remove your byline from the story.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 5.09.09 PM