Going on Hiatus

As many of you know, Retrospect has been going through a difficult time this fall, with multiple tech challenges that even our stalwart programmers have had trouble fixing. Perhaps for that reason, or perhaps for other reasons, the number of stories on the last half-dozen prompts has been noticeably smaller than usual. After much consideration, we have decided to take a one-month hiatus in January and then re-evaluate.

The Upcoming Prompts currently visible on the website are the last ones we will be doing for a while. The final one, Retrospect Retrospective, will go live on December 31st and stay up for all of January, to give everyone time to write about favorite prompts and/or stories or how Retrospect has impacted your life. We hope you will do so.

Meanwhile, if you want to print or save your stories onto your computer, go to your profile and click the button labeled Print My Stories. Retrospect will compile up to ten of your stories onto a web page. Use your browser’s File > Print command to print them or save them in a PDF file. If you have more than ten, just repeat the process. See our help page for further details.

Feel free to submit comments via the Contact form if you would like to weigh in on the future of Retrospect.