Retrospect Returns

In December, the hearty crew that runs Retrospect crew decided to take a break. They had been true to their promise — creating, posting, and moderating a new writing prompt each week. After nearly seven years, hundreds of authors posted over 3,000 stories on the Retrospect web site. All these stories have remained the property of their authors, many of whom have written upwards of 200 tales each. Now, a new group of administrators have determined that Retrospect, with its invitation to think back and share forward is too precious to lose. They have studied at the feet of the site’s seasoned administrators and are ready to take over Retro’s gears and levers. So feel free to visit, browse through the memories, dreams, and reflections of Retro’s many authors, and — if you’re intrigued, log in or register and…start writing!

Best regards,

Charlie, Dana, Dave, and Jim
The Retrospect Administration Team


The Adventure Continues Again

We’re delighted that Charlie, Dana, Dave, and Jim felt so strongly about telling our stories that they’ve taken Retrospect under their wings, just as we did four years ago. We hope that writers old and new will be sharing memories here, and that the website will thrive and grow with the infusion of this new energy. We look forward to seeing the next phase in its evolution.

Suzy, Marian, Laurie, & Barb
Administrative Team 2019-2022