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The café on route 66 on the corner of Campus and Foothill in Upland CA was called Martinez, not Martinez’s, just Martinez. Most locals called it THE LONG BAR. My wife and I had been married for a short time and met her mom and pop there for dinner. I was, and still am unfortunately, a stone contractor and her pop was the general foreman of utilities at the Kaiser Mill in Fontana CA. More than a little intimidated we had a short conversation and he asked if I wanted a drink and  I said hell yes!! My mother in law gave the stink eye and said ” Men don’t say those words”.

My Father-in Law, that has since passed, looked at my Mother-in Law and said quietly….

“The F**K we don’t !!!!!

One of my favorite lines, EVER !!!!….chardog




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Characterizations: funny, right on!


  1. Susan says:

    Love it, chardog! Is there a contest to name your story? 🙂

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