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I guess this is just getting back to the story of me being a 32 year old baby again I had to learn everything all over how to walk how to write left-handed after being right-handed for 32 years,,, my last 10 days at the civilian hospital I was at Brigham Women’s General where my vertebrae were refused together I had a throat trach that was removed from my throat good chance of damage vocabulary days after it was removed and supposed to be cleaned thoroughly was not had gangrene in my throat smells like something dead crawled up my nose real nasty before I got someone’s attention that something didn’t smell right anyway it was tooken care of and clean properly,parts if neck around the hole nothing but dead rotten flesh or was taken care of Before I was shipped off to a VA Medical rehab hospital in West Roxbury Massachusetts,,,  the title was WEST Roxbury VA Medical Center   …. Before leaving and in the ambulance I had my girlfriend meet me there so before they loaded me I could take that first drag of a cigarette she met me the drivers let her give me some cigarettes I remember taking two Puffs before I was being wheeled back in I thought to the same Hospital but it wasn’t I had been out for 45 minutes the cigarette messed me up bad my stay at this Hospital was a blessing to myself and to all the other patients that came after me because I was a wake up was told they hadn’t had a patient like me in years I was labeled a incomplete quad which meant I had feelings and Sensations even though my neck was broke I pinched my spinal cord between C6 and C7 giving me a two and a half inch screws on my spinal cord the doctors couldn’t exactly say which passageways would heal well today 2017 I have pushed myself and never giving up hope my strength and faith towards the man that died for my sins I got Road up close to 27 times because of my mouth but each time only thing that was recorded was my mouth my statements not that there was a reason behind each outburst I had to sit in a boardroom with the president of the hospital my nurse my lawyer physical therapy occupational therapist kinesiotherapist to decide whether or not to be kicked out of the hospital but once the president heard my reasons for some of the right Up’s he tore up the paperwork and wrote new rules and regulations benefiting patients like me and other patience I was at this hospital for Mom clothes for a year before I was released at my hundred percent that the hospital could do for me I came back and forth for months for therapy before heading out on my own into the world as a totally physically different person and let me tell ya folks, it’s been somewhat of a journey I falling forward busting my head totaling 50 or more stitches 1 fall backwards with a total of 9 stitches to the base my neck and skull and one more car accident total land falling asleep at the wheel going to pick up my mother from the hospital came out of it with no scratches I read in the Bible anger could be used in a good way and it did for me it was only thing that fueled me to better my circumstances and get me out of the position I was in I was going to be getting everything my savior was giving me back and I push for every service that they were giving I left the hospital label to be bedridden not my world soon as I got to the door of my truck I knew was parked in the yard I knew nothing could hold me back except for my savior I have seen life Inn so many eyes from the nastiest places on the street neighborhoods drug infested Street to the most luxurious house you could ever imagine since 2000 I haven’t stopped traveling looking for me looking for my reason my purpose !

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  1. rosie says:

    What if it is not rude, was the cause of your original accident? Did I miss it in one of the other stories? Do you have friends and family and some continuity in your life. If you do, how did you achieve all these miracles( after all there is a saying, that gives us support but we have to use what we’ve been given or even recognize that it is there. How has this all happened for you.

  2. rosie says:

    I think that I don’t write clearly, I was just wondering how you managed to recover as much as you have…if you have had help. I tend not to be clear enough, and I apologize for that, I didn’t mean to be difficult. Sorry.

  3. rosie says:

    Read this story again. I still find it moving.

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