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Hello world I don’t know how to write I have a story that I have to tell instead of wondering all alone I mean I know that’s life everyone has a story mine is a little different. In my title what’s my purpose and where am I going brings me back to as far as I can remember as a kid, I was born in Newport Rhode Island in 1968, Rhode Island being my mother’s birth place my father was from New York, from the second grade back I have spotty memories meaning very little bits and pieces of my great-grandmother and my grandmother grandfather and uncles on my mother’s side I grew up not even knowing my dad or any of his family. I can remember being in the second for 3rd grade me and my middle Brother we’re watching TV in the living room sitting on the couch wow my mother and third father we’re arguing and fighting when all of a sudden after slapping her all around the kitchen  and out the side door he hit her in the back of the head with a Oak whisk broom knocking her out,, this man was a brick mason that’s all I should have to say about his size,, I can remember the first time we got our ass whipped not spanked whipped with a stick or that’s what we call them they were from the woods where we were shown to bring home  when cold  or when we new to !we’d gotten our shots and everything for school  but my older brother didn’t want to go so me and my middle brother  didn’t go either  figuring that Mom  would be home first  we were sitting in the living room watching TV when guess who in the world walked in  for lunch  LOL LOL  no I don’t think so it wasn’t funny exactly how we were told  wait till Mom gets home  when she did  we were told to go get sticks  exactly how he said it go get me a stick when we returned  he lined us up in the kitchen  and it started with my older brother beating from the back all way down his legs they couldn’t hold the stick anymore then he started on my middle brother feeding him the same when he finally got to me I was totally in shock blue crying screaming he pick me up with one hand slap me on my ass and turn me loose when I got to the bedroom both my brothers had already stripped of clothing off their ass if I could only describe the welts across their backs and legs just like you would see a slave whipped on TV   later in life when our gym teachers see we wouldn’t dress out 4  PE they would know and we wouldn’t get in trouble I’m telling you my mom was so scared of this man it was stupid that’s why she didn’t leave sooner so many families help take care of us growing up we went from friend to friend for help I stayed with family  all of them good except for one when was a child molester  get you drunk buy you cigarettes candy food anything to win you over to his good side then we’ll take you skinny dipping partying watch x-rated movies somebody tried to tell but nobody believed them so it’s been kept a secret forever I have a flashback memory  of almost drowning in a pool  somewhere in Washington and I can remember being shot between the eyes  with a bow and arrow  that my brother had  when I was 5,… I can also remember when I was 14 I made a bow and arrow one of the best ones made by a white boy, (meaning) I was raised in a Indian Community from the second grade until I graduated, I let my middle brother shoot it at an angle straight up in the air, when no one saw the Arrow come down I ran into the field  the direction the Arrow should have fallen, when all of a sudden I hit the ground face first when I came to the Arrow was sticking out of the back of my leg, I start remembering in the second grade I don’t ever remember my mom meeting the man or knowing the man that she married he was in the United States Navy, Step Dad was out to sea on duty when my mother and some of her friends went to Robeson County to a party,, my mother had took me and my brothers to a babysitter where she never came back to pick us up after the weekend had passed, next thing I remember is we were taken and separated and put in temporary foster homes, many months went by where me and my middle brother, we were together in a foster home my older brother in another,, Before it slips my mind In telling I have a cross that I have been wearing for so many years I’ve forgotten,,me and a friend went to the washer  to wash clothes in pulling my glasses from where I hang them in the collar of my shirt I’ just felt the chain snap something snapped anyway I went hostile because I lost  that cross, i’ve been wearing that cross had heard so many prayers, me and my friend looked all over around my neck in my big coat I was wearing couldn’t find it nowhere listen folks the next morning I woke up went to the bathroom was time for me to get up as I stood looking in the mirror brushing my teeth I pulled my chain thinking what I was to get another pendant the crosses on my neck on the chain that I cannot disconnect  connect,  so I have proof Witness cross wasn’t there woke up next day morning cross hanging around my neck in 86 crashed a 750 motorcycle around the curve doing 55 came out of it without a scratch my body was pretty bad meaning sore front wheel was touching underneath the motor of the bike anyway in 1991 while drinking partying I fell asleep the next morning going to pick up my wife and newborn child the second angel he blessed me with I lost a lot of my life from that accident my brain got bruised the Cerabal part of it  damaged in the circle part of my brain it really messed with my memory I had the thought pattern of a 4 year old for a great length of time when one morning Awakening with no memory of anything from the time of the accident until the time I woke up I was blank me and my wife separated not long after that accident and we both moved on my next relationship I had my girlfriend gave me a car that belonged to her husband which had passed away a year earlier again me drinking bad part of town stormy night out trying to score,, the next morning I was parked in the yard Park inches from the side of the house head busted windshield busted didn’t remember a thing in 1999 with my next girlfriend that I was so dearly in love with her we’re out one weekend partying our asses off well we closed down a club and in leaving it had snowed severely ice snow everywhere well I slipped busted my hinny girlfriend laughed my response foul language foul language and more foul language in leaving me soaking wet she wasn’t in in the lane to turn left to go towards where we lived so I could change clothes said she was going to pick up the girlfriend that went with us to the club where we left from I told her wouldn’t take 10-15 minutes then we could go get her she said no it would only take that long to go get it I said if she didn’t turn I was getting out at the light and I would walk next thing I remember I wake up stuck to the bed in a jailhouse in peeling myself from the bed still soaking wet no shoes no necklace no cross no watch no earring I get a jailer’s attention and he comes to my cell and asking him why I was there he Grinned and went and got my report the things I said and the pictures they took my mug shot and gave them the finger in the report it stated I’ve got out of the car traveling close to 30 miles an hour I was arrested for disorderly conduct and drunk in public at the emergency room because I wouldn’t let them put me in the CAT scan next day went to dr. Got tested head receive 5 concussions the year 2000 rolls around and in my Wild living at a friend’s house where I was doing some drywall work he had a 650 on and off road motorcycle that had an air leak that he said he fixed I could not kick start the motorcycle had it had stalled on me many times I could not get it back started we smoked a little killer and I asked him to let me see and he told me to go try and I did and in doing so  had a trail through the woods behind his house income in other words I tried to do a wheelie down the hill in this judging it the motorcycle jump off the hill in landing my feet came off the pedals so I decided to stay on the bike and guide it through the path until it slowed down enough for me to fall off of I woke up Weeks Later realizing I was in the hospital paralyzed from the neck down again from this accident Mark Richter didn’t come back someone else did well the Lord blessed me to move a toe from that point I went to a medical rehab where I stay until I was at my hundred percent meaning my ability to do for myself I was released where I moved in with my girlfriend and four kids where i received some bad news and decided it was time for me to move on I hopped in my 89 GMC High Sierra which my first girlfriend bought me for $1,000 the car was uninsured no tags inspection sticker dead me with no license I p and asked for wherever I was to get stopped by the police is where I would settle I did made it back to my hometownfor where I lost the truck from being stopped by a friend I graduated with in 2002 at a private shelter law drinking I fell backwards busting my head doctor said I should never have gotten up 2004 I tripped in the kitchen while reaching for the countertop hands missed hit counter top

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