Been There, Recommend That

Venice gondolas

What travel destination should others not miss? Tell us where and why in the comments below. (If you want to share a photo, write a story instead.)


  1. Patricia says:

    Hands down pick–scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef off Australia!! I know it’s a long way away, but it’s a spectacular natural wonder that may be lost to us all too soon.

  2. John Zussman says:

    If you love nature, science, or the history of science, don’t miss the Galápagos Islands. Get up close and personal with boobies, albatross, iguanas, and tortoises. Swim with penguins, sea lions, and sea turtles. Because it’s all a preserve, the wildlife don’t fear humans, so fabulous photos are virtually guaranteed.

  3. Ella says:

    Portugal. SO exciting to stand at the westernmost edge of the european continent, and imagine oneself a mariner in the 1500s, getting ready to fling yourself off the edge of the earth into literally uncharted nothingness. It took great courage! Today’s Portuguese are warm and welcoming if slightly less daring than their ancestors. Hey, they make great wine so why look further afield to make their mark in the world?

  4. Alexander says:

    Okavango Delta in Botswana. The Okavango river fans out over 5,000 sq. miles at its terminus, blurring the line between dry and wet land. Just saying it is different does not do justice to this incredible place. After a long flight from Capetown followed by a flight in a 6-seater piloted by a 24 year old guy [I checked] and then a 45 minute drive on “roads” with water over the hood of our vehicle at times, we arrived at Baines and were greeted by Lara and her singing staff, hot towels, and cold drinks. Intimate gourmet meals, drinks around the fire pit, bathtubs and champagne on our deck. And that’s just the beginning. Martin, our very wise wiseguy guide, drove us on game drives on unbelievably twisting, bone jarring roads with underwater stretches so deep he yelled “feet up” prior to the water gushing over the hood and into our truck. One evening he took us on a boat ride up the Bora river and just as we got to the furthest point a thunderstorm rolled in and we had to cover our bodies with wool blankets to protect ourselves from the stinging rain. On the last morning we rode in dugouts through channels no wider than our boats cut by hippos, which we came face to face with, of course. Whew!

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