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Freedom, Balance, and my Bike
Learning to ride a bike can teach you some key lifelong lessons. That's what my red rocket did.
The Rule of Three
  This story makes more sense if you know a little about the mechanics of riding a mountain bike. Think of a catcher [...]
learning to ride a bicycle
im under 10 living in Miami.  visiting younger cousins who live in central Maine.  I have never ridden a bike. despite their [...]
Thanks Mom!
I learned the freedom of flying the day my mom let go of the bike.
Bike Trail
My friend Alice The summer we bought our weekend house in a Connecticut community friends invited us to lunch and introduced [...]
A Novel Sense of Balance
Suddenly I sensed more freedom and realized that my dad had let go of the bike.
Bike Stories
I have no memory of learning to ride an actual bike.
You Never Forget
They say you never forget how to ride—it is, after all, “just like riding a bicycle”.
Pedal Your Blues Away
When I was little, nobody offered to run along behind me to teach me to ride a bike. This is not so surprising.
I must have been around 7 or 8 when I got my first bike, a Schwinn 3 speed with silver fenders and a head light similar to [...]
My Two Biking Nemeses
I love to bike; always have and, hopefully, always will.  But I have also always had two biking “nemeses”: hills [...]

New Stories on Old Prompts

Avocation, Delusion, Masturbation
"...the chimera of Security"
Prompted By Why We Write
August 10, 2022
Shabbos Candlesticks- A Story of Courage
I love this Retrospect site, and was especially touched by this prompt. When I saw Betsy’s posting, with the photo of her [...]
August 10, 2022
One day back in 1976 a German shepherd came out of nowhere to show up at our kitchen door. He was not emaciated; he looked [...]
Prompted By Pets
August 7, 2022
Mediums: Well Done and Rare
Yes, I've chatted with the great beyond.
Prompted By The Great Beyond
August 5, 2022

Think back about …

Riding a Bicycle

Before we could drive, a bicycle was the way many of us got around. In more recent years, we may have ridden a bike for exercise, to save on the cost of gas for our cars, or just for fun. Think back … how did you learn to ride a bike? Did you teach your kids? Have you ever had a scary experience caused by a bicycle, either yours or someone else’s? Share your Riding a Bicycle stories forward. (Image courtesy of

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