Stories on This Week’s Prompt

The Chair in the Courtyard
When I met my friend Rose she’d been a window for several years.  She spoke lovingly about her late husband Bob and I soon [...]
A Humorous Peek At Superstition
“Don’t Walk Under That Ladder”   Alright, ladies and gents, gather ’round. Today’s dissertation is on [...]
Bad Moon Rising
Beliefs about women’s health and the moon are particularly strong. 
I’m Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover
Superstitious? Who me? No way!
Old Wives’ Tales
I never put a hat on the bed. I hold my breathe when I pass a cemetery. When I see a nun in a habit,  I pull on my buttons. I [...]

New Stories on Old Prompts

Autobiography of a Mongoloid youth (1967) by Nigel Hunt
Nigel understood that what he was doing in recounting his everyday activities and observations was subverting most people’s [...]
July 17, 2024

Think back about …


Webster’s defines superstition as a belief held despite evidence to the contrary. As Eurocentric beings, we usually dismiss superstitions as unscientific. But in other cultures, dreams, visions, people, places, and events are seen as omens of good or bad luck. Did you harbor any superstitions as a child? Do you have any now, or do you know of any held by family or friends? Think back about Superstitions and share forward!

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