Read Us on Mobile

If you only use Retrospect on a desktop or laptop computer, we want you to know that it works on mobile devices as well. A smartphone is especially convenient for reading stories. There are now hundreds stories on Retrospect— and soon, we hope, thousands—and most are short enough to read easily while waiting in line, on a plane or Uber, in a waiting room, or whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

mobilessSo try us on your smartphone or tablet! Just go to on your mobile browser. You’ll find the interface very similar to your desktop computer. You can access the top menu by tapping the icon with three horizontal lines. A good way to browse is to choose Read Stories > Surprise Me, which displays them in random order. While reading any story, you can tap the author’s name to read more by him or her. At the bottom, you can access more stories on the same prompt.

Let us know how this works for you, and whether you’d like to see a Retrospect mobile app that makes it even easier to read stories on your phone or tablet. You can post a comment on this blog post, email us at, or use the Contact link at the bottom of the screen.


How to Find New Stories on Past Prompts

New stories on this week’s prompt appear on the home page. Below them, you’ll see a rotating selection of stories on last week’s prompt, and then a rotating selection of other recent stories.

To find the latest stories added to Retrospect, no matter what the prompt, just click Read Stories on the top menu. You’ll see a list of all stories, starting with the most recent.

If you want to read stories on a particular past prompt, click Read Stories > Past Prompts and choose the prompt you want. Again, by default, the stories you see will be arranged chronologically, starting with the most recent. You can filter or sort those stories any way you like.

Responding to Comments

Comments don’t appear automatically on the site. We leave it to you, the story author, to moderate them. This helps us exclude spam, trolling, and abusive material, as specified in our Community Guidelines.

When someone comments on one of your stories, you will (with rare exceptions) receive a moderation email. It will quote the comment and offer links to:

  • Approve the comment
  • Trash it (discard it)
  • Spam it (discard it and report it as spam)

Clicking any of these links will take take you to the Comment Moderation page.

Alternatively, when you sign into Retrospect, you’ll see a comment icon and a number in the top right corner, next to your name. If the number is more than zero, you have comments waiting. Click the icon to go to the Comment Moderation page.

The choice is yours, but please moderate comments promptly.

You can also turn off comments entirely for any story you choose. On the Add or Edit Story page, scroll down to the Discussion section and uncheck Allow Comments.

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