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I sustained a TBI injury from the accident in 91 anyway I can remember New Year’s for the year 2000 was coming in when me and my girlfriend my second since my separation from my wife we’re leaving a club closing time and our friend that came with us had left and went to another club that night it snowed real good while leaving about to get in the car passenger side I slipped and busted my ass before seeing if I was ok my girlfriend laughed which made me Furious cursing and raising a fuss I got in the car wet as we were headed to what I thought was home coming to a light off of 8 four lane highway road we were supposed to take a left when my girlfriend didn’t proceed to get into the turning lane at the light I asked what was going on and she stated she was going to get friend from the other club I said friends would have to wait take me home so I could change she didn’t want to said it would take more time to do that well I said if she didn’t get in the turning lane at the light I was getting out and I would walk ! I woke up the next morning stuck to the sheet on a bed in a jail cell missing parts of my skin all over my body head shoulder knees everywhere when I went to hollering for the jailer and he came to my cell I asked what the hell was going on and he asked did I not remember and I stated no last thing I remember was ice on the road that’s when he went and got the police report me giving the finger in the mug shots facing forward left and right my watches broke my necklace broke he stated I Ripped em Off  while being booked the officer stated I got out of the car going 35 miles an hour when the ambulance got me to the hospital I wouldn’t let him put me in the CAT scan refusing to do such cause them to call the cops and I got arrested for disorderly conduct and drunk in public the next day after 24 hours when released my girlfriend took me to another doctor where I was putting the CAT scan and had 5 concussions ! I know right ! I don’t remember a thing !

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  1. rosie says:

    This style of writing reminds me of an Irish writer of the last century, who wrote a huge book that was well acclaimed in “stream of consciousness”. It must be challenging to keep on keeping on with the difficulties you experience.

    Keep writing

  2. rosie says:

    Always remember names just a moment too late, the author was James Joyce.

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