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Winter in Spokane is an unpredictable thing.  There is usually at least one really good snowfall each year, and months of cold weather.  But there are some years where there can be a serious snow accumulation, followed by a warming trend to get things melting, then another cold snap.  And that could result in epic icicles.

Our old house had a “daylight basement”, meaning the main floor was several feet above ground level.  Added to that, the ceilings inside were tall.  So the deep eaves that wrapped all around the house were nearly ten feet off the ground.  My sister and I would sometimes amuse ourselves by taking a shovel and knocking the icicles off the edges of the eaves. It’s a wonder we didn’t take portions of the roof off with this maneuver.

This photo is from 1974. My mom is gazing up at the icicle that got away from us, from the edge of the roof and down through the tree to the ground. At that point there was nothing to do but wait for the warm weather to melt the whole thing.

Dad took a break one day and we made a snowman. He used to spend hours in what would now be called his “man cave.”  Pretty primitive — it was the last bay in the four-car garage, to the right of that classy blue ’57 Chevy. He put a potbellied stove in there and burned trash to keep it warm enough in winter to escape a houseful of women for a few hours.  On this particular day he ventured out and we spent some fun times putting together a snowman and as I recall capping the day with a good snowball fight.

I went to college in California, and have lived here ever since. And very glad I am not to have the challenges of the homeowner who has to deal with ice and snow.




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  1. Betsy Pfau says:

    Great photos to accompany your story. Sometimes we wish we could escape the snow, but can’t think of where we would move (the Bay area is no more affordable than Boston), so here we sit. Nor’easter going on right now, but the temperature is warm enough that it is a rain, rather than snow event.

  2. Constance says:

    Love this. So, couple of points, it was a ’56 Chevy. lol The first floor rooms had 10 foot ceilings themselves, so add another four feet to that for how high those eaves were off the ground. Yes, we always had four distinct seasons.

    Love these pics of mom looking groovy in those bell bottoms and turtleneck and dad in those totally tubular sideburns. And check you out, looking cool in your maxi skirt. You know, I loved it when those fur hats were in style. I was never so warm as then. Was this about the time of the apres ski boot craze? Had to be glam when going up to Mt. Spokane to go skiing.

  3. John Zussman says:

    Brings back memories! Kudos to your family for taking pictures of your winter adventures.

  4. rosie says:

    I had missed this one. Been too busy moping to read much lately. I like the description of your icicles and the ways in which you tried to get rid of them. I have never totally adjusted to the cold winters in the northeastern area of the country, having grown up in Texas which was way too hot. So I can appreciate your joy in more moderate weather and being able to avoid the icy sidewalks as well.

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