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29 November 2015 – What I have learned so far;

  •      This adventure started with my purchase of a Success magazine with Tim Ferris on the cover. Since I had read the 4 Hour Work Week, I was familiar with Tim Ferris and loved his attitude for life. I discovered a CD included with the magazine and listened to an interview with Tim. In it he stated that he uses 90-day adventures for goal setting, rather have plans for years. I made a decision that I would take a 90-day adventure to discover what my next goal in life would be.
  •       Life can be seen in short spurts of 90 days to accomplish what Tim Ferris calls an Adventure Plan. Tim says that we can accomplish a focused goal in 90 days that may in fact generate multiple spin-off goals as a result. He feels technology is changing so fast that we cannot establish 3-5 year goals with any certainty. He suggests that we can complete a new language or anything we want in ninety days.
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  •       My best friend, Pankaj P Chand, his fabulous wife, Rose, and their incredible son Arun took time to spend with me while on a seminar for communicating with Autistic children. As always I learn so much from all three of them. Pankaj had the N21 book which I purchased as soon as I could. Jim Muncy has had an impact on my life. It’s as Charlie Tremendous Jones says, “You will be the same person five years from now, except for the books you read and the people you meet, and the audio programs and books you consume.
  •       Time management is one of the keys to success, without a doubt. Jim Muncy, in his book Time Basics, stresses that we only need a process for time management, and that process should be designed by us, however, we need to establish the basics first to know why we are doing what we are doing. He established hard and soft time, discretionary time, and flexibility. He suggests using a marble to track time.
  •       Barbara Frederickson, in her book Positivity, emphasises the importance in goal setting and accomplishment with the most open, creative mind possible. In order to move toward that result, we must improve our positivity ratio. This has scientifically been shown to improve goal setting and the process, as well as increasing the speed at which goals may be achieved. Although time commitment is required, the important improvement is well worth the effort
  •      Brian Tracy ties it all together into a package that focuses on self-esteem as the key factor in my success. Improving myself on the inside will greatly improve the results I want to see on the outside. Additionally, Brian addresses the purposes in life that we need to determine in advance in order to attach the emotion necessary to rapidly achieve the personal and financial success I/we are looking for.
  •      Combining all these elements that I am studying at present, my goal is to tease out of myself, over the next, less than ninety days, my purpose, clearly stated, present tense, for each life goal area, a process for achieving my goals, including timelines, and activity goals to be charted daily along with time management measurements and deadlines. I will remain flexible regarding the timeline, and inflexible in accomplishing the next 90-day Adventure Plan
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  1. John Zussman says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful guidance. I’d be interested in hearing future stories of what you’ve done with this knowledge, how it has affected the course of your life and relationships, and what these 90 days bring you. Welcome to Retrospect.

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