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I still remember my first day in college. My dad came to drop me at bus stop and as soon as we saw our bus with the engineering college’s name on top, my dad showed a signal to stop. I boarded the bus and sat next to a girl. Out of nervousness I started chatting with the girl when she mentioned that this bus is not going to the college I was enrolled in. I started panicking, when to my great relief I saw my dad trying to stop the bus again. Incidentally, he too had realised that we got the wrong bus. We then waited to get the other bus and this time it was heavily crowded girl’s hostel bus.

While climbing the stairs of my college someone from behind grabbed my bag and pulled. It was enough to give a mini heart attack but I survived to turn back. It was not a senior but my school friend. She guided me the way to my classroom. The classroom had tall tables and Engineering Drawing class was in progress. Everything told in the class went above my head. I could not make heads or tails out of it.

I started wondering whether engineering was for me or not. Then came the workshop class. I was in the welding class in the first 1 hour and then carpentry class in the next. All the guys in the class were making efficient effort in welding pieces of metal, while just looking at it gave me shivers or should I say I was sweating from nervousness and the sunny weather.

When I just managed to get over the welding class, the carpentry class was much better. I figured at least I could carve a piece of wood. I didn’t excel in it but I sure at least managed to show up something. So although there were many challenges to overcome but there was hope at the end of my struggling day. Hopes of a new college life, of making new friends, of exploring new things, to excel in some and fail in others. There are many First Days in life –First Day in college, First Day in office, First Day in new city. It is important to understand that making mistakes is fine until we learn from them.

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  1. David Rock says:

    Earnest effort to describe what was obviously a scary “first time” for the author.

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