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Prompted By Pets

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Without A Word


Warm muzzle

Cold nose

Contented purr

Protective bark

Joyous wag

Tempted twitch

Raised eyebrow

Leaned into leg

Animal aromas

Soft fur comfort

Welcoming greeting

Apprehensive parting

Soundless song

Intertwined with mine



Constant companionship

Chores of service

Enigmatic puzzles

Bewildered apology

Comic curiosity

Demandless conversation

Provocation of patience

Eager pleasing

Standoffish pride

Absurd amounts of worry

Endless laughter

Tireless play

Satisfied sleeping

Costly bills

Connection without judgment

Frantic searching

Grief beyond sharing

Foundations of security

Lessons open waiting



True deep love

Without a word

my guardians

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Characterizations: well written


  1. Susan says:

    Thank you January! I’m not much of a poetry reader, this really made me slow down and savor. Every line evoked a particular memory of an interaction with a beloved pet from my past, and I truly enjoyed the experience. Really great, thanks for sharing.

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