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I am a single mother and I have to travel a lot for work.  It is an important face so that you don’t think I am a monster.  When my son was younger he begged for a dog.  I always said no, the reasons were endless.  I will be the one cleaning up after him.  I will be the one feeding him.  Dogs smell.  Dogs make the house dirty.  Dogs need so much care.  I travel too much.  I am not a pet person.  Blah, blah, blah.

We all need unconditional love.

I made a deal with him that if he did 40 hours of volunteering at the animal shelter I would get him a dog.  He never finished the volunteer hours and I never got him a dog.

My son is about to turn 18 and I really regret not getting him a dog.  He needed a dog.  So what if I was the one to feed him, so what if they are messy, so what if I would have been the one doing most of the care.

If I had gotten my son a dog, he would have had a being that loved him unconditionally.  We all need unconditional love.

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  1. John Zussman says:

    The story you tell is poignant and I can almost taste your regret. But parents have to know their limits and I think you did a good job knowing yours. If you had gotten your son a dog, and then had to care for him, you might have resented your son for it. And it is far more important that a son knows that his mother loves him than that his dog does. Thanks for sharing your story on Retrospect.

  2. Susan says:

    My two sons are now adults, so I think I can say this with some authority/experience. If the biggest regret you have in raising him is that he didn’t get a dog? High five and big congratulations to you!! I bet that is one responsible, disciplined, and delightful son you have there, and he knows he has your love.

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