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I remember I was active duty Air Force, when I got a call my wife went into labor and was on her way to the hospital, I had already arranged for when I signed out my leave started.I made it to the hospital where I was present for my second child’s birth Skyler Danielle Richter, Then. I remember given a State Trooper a cigar for helping me tow my car off the sand at the beach ! Then I woke up in a hospital really out of whack had facial hair was wearing a diaper with a catheter in my penis couldn’t understand what was going on ! Made it to a telephone call my house and the phone had been disconnected ! ? Call my mother-in-law’s house and my wife answered that’s where the Story really begins ! My. Heavenly Father had already spared my life twice wants from being shot between the eyes with a bow and arrow when I was 5 II reckon a 750 Kawasaki off of a curve doing 55 miles an hour not getting a scratch totaling the bike ! Now this accident me falling asleep at the wheel or passing out Cruisin 65 miles an hour ! Never recalling any recovery effort or anything that happened during the accident ! Months have went by in my recovery effort I had the brain thought pattern of a 4 year old until I woke up having to pee ! After speaking to my wife and going back to my room where I was rushed By nurses questioning me of who I was did I know my name social security number and where I was at ! Was kept at the hospital for a length of time that I can’t remember before I was released to go home or to where my wife and two children were living at my mother-in-law’s !!  my wife needed help with the two girls seeing she was still in college and working is why she left the house we were renting. The military gave me 30 days to get my home life together before I went back to active duty, in that time I can’t remember how many days it was before my wife explain why there was so much tension in the household it was because there was a passenger in the car with me and the passenger was a female ! When I was told that I went to pieces and couldn’t handle the stress and pressure I was feeling from living in a house full of Lumbee Indians at that my wife’s family so that’s when I picked up the phone and called my first sergeant and she arranged for me to come live on base which was Pope Air Force Base . Within that time me and my wife tried to work it out we went through counseling I thought we were really trying I requested an early separation when George Bush offered the early out program for the military by having so many people and at the time of Desert Storm ! I went back home to the town where I was raised which was Pembroke where me and my wife tried living together and working out the problem of they’re being a female in the car with me when I had the accident work was nowhere around so I went out of town to work where I came home on the weekends this is what me and my wife called separated and we’re trying to work it out for the kids sake, one of the weekend’s game and my wife requested I go out have some fun that is when I knew something was going on the next weekend I was told by my wife she was pregnant the child possibly couldn’t be mine because I had a vasectomy after my second child had been born my wife had had an affair while I was hospitalized anyway ever since then I’ve still been trying to figure out what happened Hansen’s then also the Lord has spared my life with three more car accidents a motorcycle accident and I have fallen 4 times forward and one time backward busted my head open that doctors have said they didn’t save me they just help !

Do you believe ?
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  1. John Zussman says:

    There is a lot of life lying beneath this stream-of-consciousness story, apparently including not one but two stories about temptation—your own and your wife’s! I can see how these events might haunt you, and I’m glad you made it through them.

    Do you use voice recognition software to write your stories?

  2. rosie says:

    I am so sad for you and what you went through. Hope things are getting and that you will find life more stable and relaxed and aware. I hope to read more of your stories. This was intensely moving.

  3. rosie says:

    OOps I meant to say, I hope life is getting better for you, now.

  4. mrichter454 says:

    Thank you guys for your comment

  5. Susan says:

    Thank you for sharing this insight into your sometimes turbulent and yet sometimes charmed life. Looking forward to more stories.

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