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Fears, Phobias & FOMO

Fears? Hmmm. Phobias? Double Hmmm. I’ve scanned through the decades of my life and come up short.  Discrete memories of discomfort are vivid, but they remain in their specific time and space, like my discomfort riding at over night camp.  To be sure I have dislikes, like severe turbulence, but fortunately they have yet to rise to the level of fear, or phobia. I admit to some modicum of the classic female ‘fear of failure’, but that too is not quite genuine. In scouring my trove of memories, as one might search for a lost tiny gem in a musty attic, I’ve come up short; that is blank. Alas, I can’t lay claim to a fear or a phobia. But I do have FOMO!  Is this a phobia?

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  1. Khati Hendry says:

    What a lucky life! And nothing wrong with that. Normal to have things that make you afraid of course—but who needs a phobia? And no worries about FOMO because you don’t have a phobia either. Enjoy.

  2. Carol, it doesn’t sound like you’re missing out on much, it sounds like you have a full plate – and who needs fears or phobias added to the mix!
    Thankful for small blessings!

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