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I accepted and adjusted just fine in the past seven weeks. I stayed in touch with pals, kept active with online exercise videos and organized closets, drawers and files.
Now…as a few restrictions are lifted in my state, it feels like another adjustment. Have you noticed how normal and comfortable staying home has become?

Yesterday I rode my bike to a friend’s house. We sat in her driveway, well apart…laughing and talking all afternoon. Today I went to Meijer’s garden entrance and bought a basket of flowers. Feels like I should say “yay me!”

Next week I want to try the early morning hours to get my groceries…no more ordering online. (They put things in your cart like black cherry ice cream. Or red wine. Or chocolate chip cookies…oh my! 🤨😉)

We can be safe and wise with our masks on and keeping 6-10 feet distance apart as we get what we need and get home. It feels hopeful. It’s not time yet to wander Target, nor gather at our favorite taverns, but days of browsing will return as will Girls’ Nights Out.

Sharing wine with friends via Zoom or FaceTime may soon move to driveways or large enough decks where spreading out will feel normal. Small steps and protecting others will get us there. And then we can applaud!


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Retired reporter, teacher and principal. A grandma, traveler and blogger who still writes and substitutes when I’m not off on adventure.

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  1. Suzy says:

    Joan, I love your May Musings so much! Your optimism is contagious, it made me happy just reading about your small steps! Welcome back to Retrospect, I have been missing your voice. Now that you know your password, I hope we see you here more often!

  2. Thanx for the positive take Gramcracker Joan, it’s what we need amidst the doom and gloom.
    Where do you hail from? I’m a New Yorker, now hunkered down in Connecticut.
    Hope we meet again on Retrospect!

  3. Marian says:

    It’s so nice to learn that you are having “normal” experiences, Joan. Here in Santa Clara county, we are under some of the strictest rules in the country, and rightfully so. I look forward to July, when it’s possible that we may be allowed to go out.

  4. It does feel hopeful, Joan! We see more of our neighbors than ever walking the dog, or just walking…I flash each one a big smile, then suddenly realize I’m wearing a mask so add a nod and a wave. My daughter asked what I’d like for Mother’s Day…I was thinking about a drive-by but now you’ve got me thinking about a driveway. I just don’t know if I could resist a hug, and that could lead to another hug and, oh, I just don’t know.

    Thanks so much for the lovely story!!

  5. Laurie Levy says:

    Joan, thanks for sharing your optimism. The small steps you describe will feel wonderful when they happen for me. I can’t believe how much I miss shopping for my own groceries. I used to hate it. Most of all, I miss my kids, grandkids, and friends.

  6. Betsy Pfau says:

    Joan, optimism is a great step forward these days. I was just grocery shopping this morning. Since, as you rightly point out, no one can see smiles, I give thumbs up to people, and lots of “thank you’s”. I hope it makes everyone feel appreciated.

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