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As a young adult I was obsessed with the life and fashion of Princess Diana. I copied her hairstyle, and to the extent possible, her wardrobe. I subscribed to Royalty Monthly magazine and bought the occasional Majesty at newsstands that sold international publications. Why, I’m just sure that if I were 6 inches taller, 25 pounds lighter, and had a significantly more substantial jewelry budget, I could have been mistaken for her..


Bow tie blouses were part of the official women’s business suits that were worn in the 80s. By then Diana had abandoned her pearls which saved me from a significant budget hit. She also moved beyond the younger ruffles and bows and adopted an elegant, sleek silhouette. I had a high point when, sporting my best Di lookalike double breasted coat and swept back hair, a coworker threw me a bone by saying “it looks like Princess Di just walked in.” I held on to that coat far past its useful life.

For better or worse she lived her life in the public eye. And oh, did she look good doing it.


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Characterizations: right on!, well written


  1. Profile photo of John Zussman John Zussman says:

    Well, that explains your regal bearing. Little did I know you had a royal role model and read Royalty Monthly and Majesty. In fact, little did I know those magazines existed!

  2. Profile photo of rosie rosie says:

    I must say, I felt as if Di were going to have a very difficult life, and when I read about her worried. I’ve never been capable of copying a look and do not look remotely like any beauty I can remember, but if I had perhaps I would have tried out the same thing. Your story held my interest because it is so totally different than my own perspective.

  3. Profile photo of Constance Constance says:

    “looks like Princess Di just walked in.” I held on to that coat far past its useful life.”
    Love this.

  4. Profile photo of Betsy Pfau Betsy Pfau says:

    I actually subscribe to Majesty Magazine, but would never be mistaken for Princess Di…QEII more likely (we are both 5′ tall though I am a good deal younger)! I understand the allure of glamour and wanting to dress the part. Just don’t be tragic.

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