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Written in response to No Marketable Skills

When I Was Living in SaltLake City in the ’70s The feds were offering courses on computers while they paid you a weekly check. I Did Not Swallow The worm. Darn, My not having an education has been an emotional disadvantage for me. But Now I Have a Beautiful One bedroom overlooking the ocean for $170.00 a month under Mercy housing that got me out from living in my van for 6 years one block from the Giants Baseball Park now my dreams of being a Dj on twitch are coming true. I Maybe 71 but

I look like I am in my 50’s.  Thank You John for turning me on to Retrospect. I Get the impression That Retrospect is your baby.

Love and Peace,   Dj discOworm

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born in Boston in 1950 father was a country and western DJ L.A. Basin.I started my record collection when 13. always buying records having parties around 80 people in 70 Salt Lake . Played Sly and family stone, while we all got stoned. police came. we all crawled out the back windows and doors. lived in Dinwoody Mansion. 1974. dJ at a lot of LDS events.New Years at Ogden Conference Center.
It Looked Like A Big round space ship .wired tv to stereo to watch dick Clark NYE

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  1. Betsy Pfau says:

    Glad you got some housing. And I think you must have some technical skill in order to DJ.

  2. Welcome to Retro, DJ!

    Keep up those positive vibes and may all your dreams come true!

  3. Laurie Levy says:

    Welcome to Retrospect and keep your stories coming.

  4. John Zussman says:

    DJ, I like how impressionistic your stories are, like a montage of disco songs blending each into the next. Glad you found good housing and the Twitch gig. Retrospect has been a group effort shared by my co-founders Patti and Susan and our heirs and successors Suzy, Laurie, Marian, and Barbara. Glad you found it!

    • dj discoworm says:

      John, You Still Look like A friend I use To Know. Thank You for This write-up. I keep adding on as I search my memory cells. It does blow me away how I remember all these people so long ago. It was meant to be. Thank you again for Retrospect. Dj discOworm

  5. Khati Hendry says:

    Hard to beat a good ocean view and good music. Enjoy!

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