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Mom spent Mother’s Days closeted. I suspect she mourned never
having children. (Chopped liver, here.) Yes, many miscarriages haunted her.
Early sadness pursued her, though her life looked very lucky.
My brother, sunny sir, was adopted. We both tried hard
To please, with help, presence, and grandchildren. Four miracles. Now
A grandbaby.

Mom spent Mother's Days closeted.

Mom’s long gone. But what did she teach?
To laugh, above all laugh, whenever possible, laugh. To sing
To children. Welcome the stranger. Love family, writing, shows, travel,
Birds, books. To rebel against the patriarchy, misogyny, ageism, rules.
And celebrate Spring’s return, snowdrops, lilacs, robins.
Thank you, Mom.


Profile photo of Lucinda Winslow Lucinda Winslow
Lucinda's past lives thrash in the rearview, among them TV captionist, children's theater director, opera director, spiritual junkie, piano instructor, and other nefarious activities. Now she writes, works for social justice--ending poverty and book banning--while building gardens in Connecticut and New Hampshire.

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Characterizations: moving, well written


  1. Thanx Lucinda for this sweet memory of your mom and all she taught you, and how with each snowdrop, lilac, and robin you remember her.

  2. Marian says:

    Short, sweet, and lovely memories, Lucinda. Thanks for sharing this flash.

  3. Betsy Pfau says:

    Singing to children and welcoming the spring are wonderful teachings, as are laughing (SO important, I’ve learned) and rebelling against the patriarchy, misogyny, ageism and rules. It seems she taught you what’s important.

  4. Suzy says:

    Love all the things you list in the second paragraph that your mother taught you. Still puzzling over the first paragraph, but maybe that was your intent. Thanks for the RetroFlash.

  5. Jim Willis says:

    As you probably know, Reader’s Digest has had a column for eons called “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” Some truisms live forever because of their spot-on accuracy. Sounds like your mom realized that early on, and it’s a great lesson to pass along, as she did to you and your brother. Thanks for sharing, Lucinda.

  6. Khati Hendry says:

    It seems that, although your mom had her struggles, she imparted joy, appreciation and determination action to children. No small accomplishment. You learned many valuable things from her and have shared them eloquently. Thanks.

  7. Laurie Levy says:

    Despite your mother’s sadness on Mother’s Day, she gave you very sage advice. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Dave Ventre says:

    I too kept turning the first three sentences over in my mind, wondering and reinterpreting. Great wordsmithing, that!

    Depression is a bete noir indeed.

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