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Autocorrect makes me crazy, always trying to improve on my pretty-perfect spelling. Like substituting the word ‘ass’ for ‘asp.’ Now why would it even bother?! Does it think I picked the wrong animal? And how will children ever learn to spell when Autocorrect cleans up after them? I have an editor’s eye for misspellings though I’ve never been an editor. And I used to be a pretty-great speller, though I never entered a spelling bee. But lately I find myself reverting to old mnemonics like “i before e, except after c…” before I risk putting pen to paper.

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  1. Brava for your spelling flash Penny!
    These computer correction programs are actually helpful but we all find them annoying don’t we, and sometimes very funny.
    And another helpful but often very funny program is predictive type! I’ll try it:

    “Penny the best game in my world and best wishes to everyone who knew what you did!”

    See what I mean!

  2. Love this RetroFlash, Penny! The last phrase caught my attention…do you actually put pen to paper any more? If so, kudos…here’s to handwriting!

  3. Marian says:

    Agreed, Penny! Autocorrect does some pretty silly things, too. When Hitachi was my client, I had to teach not to change each instance to hibachi.

  4. Suzy says:

    Wonderful RetroFlash, Penny. I agree, it’s pretty annoying when Autocorrect thinks it knows better than you do. I like your phrase “an editor’s eye for misspellings” because I also have that, as you’ll see if you read my story. And putting pen to paper . . . I do that too, but I wonder how many people still do.

  5. Laurie Levy says:

    Great RetroFlash, Penny. I agree that as we age, our brains have to think a bit harder to come up with words and correct spellings. But I must confess that I get a huge laugh at some of the auto-corrected texts I have received.

  6. Betsy Pfau says:

    I, too, have mixed feelings about Autocorrect, Penny. I agree, it is SO annoying when it fills in the WRONG word! I have to check very carefully because random words pop in that were never meant to be there! And you’re right, how will the younger generation ever learn how to spell? Like you, I also put pen to paper from time to time. I find that I spell better that way than when I’m typing! Great RetroFlash.

  7. Joe Lowry says:

    Autocorrect is a mixed blessing. Too many times, it has changed the sentence so it no longer makes sense..

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