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My electronic journey:

But wait, there's more detritus; calculators, voice recorders, and an electronic dictionary.

Rotary dial, party-line phone; Touchtone Princess phone; cell phone; iPhone

Records, 45s & LPs; 8 track and cassette tapes; CDs; iTunes

Transistor radio; Walkman; portable CD player; iPod

B&W TV; color TV; remote control; 65” TV; Flat screen LED TV

Beta and VHS; DVDs, Blu-ray; Tivo; Netflix

Brownie camera; 35mm camera; Flip video recorder; digital camera

Call-waiting; answering machine; voice mail

Manual typewriter; IBM Selectric; IBM PC XT; Macintosh Plus; laptop; iMac

Books; Kobo; iPad

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Patricia is a co-founder of Retrospect, and generally can be found two standard deviations from the mean on most issues. Lover of chef's tasting menus, cute shoes, and the music of Brahms.

Characterizations: been there, right on!


  1. Betsy Pfau says:

    Digitization of everything!

  2. rosie says:

    This was almost like reading a rap song. I could nearly hear the rhythm in my head.

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