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Revising the editor

Limits, rules, restrictions, guidelines, walls,

trigger my auto-response of

arising fierce Kali-spirit

that demands the shaking off

of the yoke burdening my shoulders,

spitting out the bit between my teeth,

severing the ball and chain cutting into my ankle,

and pulling the barbed wire from around my throat,

to run wildly into

the free dark woods of my intuition

Only to wander

Confused at the confusion that

my primal need for freedom

might cause the rest of the selves around

who earnestly want to understand

what I am trying to convey…

Beyond my defenses that protect where my heart

has been inscribed on the page

Is my yearning to connect deeply

using the instrument of my body/mind/ heart

and yours.

Truth must have some way

to the sacred water

that runs through us all

Slowly back stepping toward

my perceived prison

and now seeing

Walls were intricate bridges

Structure wanted not to contain

but to lend a skin of coherence.

Rules were noble agreements,

lending a lantern

of Illuminated common language,

limits only the background upon

which to create the limitless forms.


I get it-

the edit.






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Characterizations: been there, moving, right on!, well written


  1. The revision gene must have synthesized with the wilderness gene. I get it too! Beautiful description of a profound but present dialectic.

    BTW: I believe “wild”/”wilderness” originates from celtic/druid roots[?] and means willed, or self-willed and therefore free.

  2. John Zussman says:

    A significant insight, beautifully expressed. Sometimes, in writing as in life, the strictest constraints only serve to bring out our most creative impulses.

  3. rosie says:

    This work leaves me wordless. It feels like you are writing from the soul and a place moving from confusion to strength. Over the years I have noticed this in your poems again and again. Thank you for this poem.

  4. I loved reading this out loud. Twice. I get it, too.

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