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Silence – A Sonnet


Oh, sacred hush, a balm for weary ears
No traffic roars, no children shriek and play
A gentle sigh, the rustle of dried leaves
A symphony of quietude that lasts all day

But wait, a fly! A buzzing, maddening drone
Circling my head with taunting, tiny wings
This blissful peace, so quickly overthrown
Replaced by fury, and the urge it brings

To swat the beast, to end its cruel refrain
I curse the day I sought this silent glen
Perhaps some noise, a sprinkle of soft rain
Would be a welcome friend to me again?

Still Silence, like a room devoid of light
Can hold its own brand of unwelcome might



Profile photo of Kevin Driscoll Kevin Driscoll
(Mostly) Vegetarian, Politically Progressive, Daily Runner, Spiritual, Helpful, Friendly, Kind, Warm Hearted and Forgiving. Resident of Braintree MA.

Characterizations: well written


  1. Thanx for your sonnet on silence and sound, and sharing another side of our talented Kevin!

  2. Khati Hendry says:

    Wow, you definitely have sonnet chops! Of course with a humorous twist–I would expect nothing less. Well done.

  3. Hey! I just requested a rhyming narrative from Dana, and she was disinclined. But then right away, there was a sonnet from you, Kevin! So the universe works in imperfect ways but is actually quite inspiring.

  4. “Carriage return!” Now there’s a concept I hadn’t heard in quite a few years.

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