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Written in response to Disco Inferno

Dj discOworm- I Was The Dj at the sun Tavern Between 1974 to 1977. One of the first songs I played was “Soul Makossa” by Manu Dibango. I Played The Pointer Sisters Album “Stepping out” in 1975. “Glasshouse” by The Temptations. Eddie Hendricks’s “Keep On Trucking” was another great dance hit. I Really Liked Joe Redburn. He was a Radio Dj too   Entering The sun Tavern There would be largely black and white silhouettes of Marylin Monroe and Clark gable, Charlie Chaplin, and others.   by the way, 4 great pinball machines!

MY LIFE AS Dj discOworm from 1974 to 1976 at the 'SUN TAVERN' Salt Lake City, Utah'

besides owning the sun Tavern. He would give me all the beer I could drink for djing upstairs overlooking the crowd. Boy, I could get the crowds moving to the beat. I Remember when the whole dance floor did the Hustle together, very cool. Added disco group ‘First Choice'” Hold Your Horses”The beginning of the actual disco scene.        I remember playing”rock Your Baby” over and over. Boy, did I Have A stack Of 45’s.. 12-inch singles were not out yet? In fact, the 12 inch single was kind of an accident. A record label was asked to put the 45 on a 12-inch plate. when he did he just put it on like an album. very tight. when asked to spread the track across the whole disc, which they did to the DJs shock the sound came out much richer and louder.  “Bingo”    One Of The 45’s I bought brought everyone out to the dance floor, it was so good that I felt it would help my survival on continuing to be a DJ at the Sun Tavern IF I erased the cover on the 45 so no one would see it, Sure enough here comes Joe up the stairs to have a look, to his disappointment no go. perfect  We Had Randy who could play the Tamborine and blew the whistle to get the crowds to dance and of course, the poopers really helped. {JOHNNY MATHIS} {Johhny Sold 450 Million Records} and his lover and {PAUL LYNDE} from the Donnie And Marie Show and Hollywood Squares and the movie {Bye Bye Birdie} were patrons. Someone broke into Paul Lynde”s Rolls Royce will he was inside partying- Not a Pretty sight.} Can We Say Super Bitch” A shout-out to my 1975 friends. Dale Fairbourne, great dancer, Michael Cassidy who made movies, Don Davidson Who was an Artist, Ed the Swedish Bonde bartender for the Sun Tavern, Gary Sayler an Interior designer who owned a furnishing store way out on State street and lover Ed Brick. Bob Dubray the bouncer and chicken hawk.Kim Keeler a psychiatrist, My Close Friend John Murray. John and I were busboys at the University Club restaurant on the top floor. Scott Newman and Scott Goodman both hairstylists I even Went To Hollywood Beauty School in Salt Lake. And My Albino friend from Ogden,

Studio 54 had nothing over us. we could keep up the energy for a long time. We Were {Disco Inferno} We had the University of Utah repertory dancers come down to the bar 2 of the dancers were Richard and Mary. Mary and I had a one-night-only love affair. Beautiful Girl.  Joe Bought The Building next door and tore down the walls between the two buildings, making the place massive. Put in another bar in the back Had hanging Frosted glass 1940 ceiling light covers with candles in them. .second dance floor. tables everywhere. sofas, .2 pool tables. huge enclosed outdoor patio with lights going up the brick walls. We Had A Birthday party for Joe at The Hilton Hotel. We all took a hit of acid which my friend John Murray from bountiful supplied rented two rooms. WOW!!!!!!! this is dedicated to my long-gone friends, Dale Fairbanks, Michael Cassidy, John Murray, Bob Dubray, Ed The Bartender, and of course Joe Redburn the owner of ‘The Sun Tavern’ who just passed in a homeless shelter    I played at the ‘Star Palace Disco’ in Provo, Utah, and worked for a mobile Dj unit where we played all the LDS Stake centers. I am now 71 and am still spinning. starting soon on twitch under Dj discOworm. Love And Peace, David London

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born in Boston in 1950 father was a country and western DJ L.A. Basin.I started my record collection when 13. always buying records having parties around 80 people in 70 Salt Lake . Played Sly and family stone, while we all got stoned. police came. we all crawled out the back windows and doors. lived in Dinwoody Mansion. 1974. dJ at a lot of LDS events.New Years at Ogden Conference Center.
It Looked Like A Big round space ship .wired tv to stereo to watch dick Clark NYE

Characterizations: been there, funny, moving, right on!, well written


  1. Khati Hendry says:

    Still playing the Temptations and Pointer Sisters?

    • dj discoworm says:

      I Still am But Remixed. I Had so many records in Salt Lake. {worked for a mobile Dj company and one night at The Star Palace In Provo. 1980) that it looked like the Twin towers in New York City, Then tons of CDs now have half a terabit of all the oldies up to now. Thank You For Asking Dj discOworm

  2. John Zussman says:

    Thanks, Ronald, for sharing this piece of your history. As you know from my story, the Sun Tavern was a happening place in the late ’70s! You must have really known your craft because no one could sit still when you were DJing! Glad you are still at it and I hope all is well.

  3. Khati Hendry says:

    A remix of those old classics sounds like it would be great. I hope the virus abates enough that you get more chances to share your talents with crowds again someday

  4. Betsy Pfau says:

    Sounds like fun! I love to dance…so many great tunes.

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