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I actually went to three proms, two in my junior year in high school and one in my senior year. One of the junior proms was my own, and the other I was invited to by a friend from the neighborhood who attended a private boys school and obviously didn’t know any other girls.

I lost my prom photos years ago, but I still have the shoes.

Since these proms were in South Carolina, all the girls wore essentially the same dress – long sleeveless empire-waisted organza in some pastel color – with shoes dyed to match. We probably all bought our dresses, and shoes, at the same stores. My dress was pale yellow with a dark green ribbon around the waist and matching dark green shoes. Funny, I lost my prom photos years ago, but I still have the shoes.

Since the two proms my junior year were at two different schools and the only person who would be at both events was me, I didn’t see the need to get two dresses. When my senior prom came around, I decided to just modify the dress and wear it again. It was fairly simple to remove the waistband and add a lace collar and jabot. A whole different look without buying another dress. Plus, I still had the shoes.

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  1. Suzy says:

    Fun story, Kathy. Clever of you to figure out a way to wear the dress, not only two times at two different schools, but a third time the next year with slight modifications. Too bad you don’t have any pictures of the dress. Maybe you could add a picture of the shoes to your story, since you still have them.

  2. John Zussman says:

    It’s interesting how your lost photos induce us to imagine how you looked, in dress and shoes, just from your description. They make us more active participants in the story. Meanwhile, I’m going to guess that your neighborhood friend knew plenty of other girls, but chose you over them all.

  3. Glad I caught your sweet story Kathy, love the shoes!

    I’m a New Yorker now but was born in Charleston, and you?

    • Kathy Porter says:

      I am not a native of Charleston. My father, who was a naval officer, was stationed at the Charleston Navy Yard for my last two years of high school. In early 2019, I actually went back to Charleston for my 50th high school reunion. It was supposed to be in 2018, but got postponed because of hurricane Florence. Charleston looked very different than I remembered.

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