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Several of my past tales have touched on this subject, so I was sitting this prompt out until Betsy’s story jump-started a neuron which thought of an approach to take. Thanks, Betsy!

My best friend in grade school is now a registered sex offender.

As the Internet and social media made seeking out past friends, acquaintances and lovers ever easier, I jumped on the bandwagon and went looking. Some highlights so far:

My best friend in grade school is now a registered sex offender.

MOST of my grade and high-school friends are full-throttle Trumpers.

Several are dead.

Maria renewed our friendship for reasons I never really trusted and, after years of close friendship, tossed me aside when she was done with me just like the several times before. She was, in fact, one of only two people, both ex-GFs, who ever sought me out.

One of my best friends in college – my favorite diving buddy; I was his best man – went into republican politics. He became a state senator. Tried and failed to get into the US House. He is a fellow marine biologist who is also a climate change denier, Jan 6 apologist, 2nd Amendment absolutist, demonizer of immigrants and openly refers to people who are not Republicans as DemonRats.

“Nostalgia” is derived from the Greek words for homecoming,  and sorrow or despair. I think that the people who are gone from my life are right where they belong.

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  1. Bravo Dave, so glad you decided not to sit out the prompt and instead to share your ex-friends stories with us.

    Seems like a case of goodbye and good riddance!

  2. Betsy Pfau says:

    Glad that I inspired you, Dave. Sorry that it took me so long to read and comment.

    Yes, the internet has provided us with a way to find our old, “ex” friends. I guess in your case they SHOULD stay where they are. Good lord…

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