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Not mine, but pretty close

My cars have been, uniformly, pretty sedate and boring. None were more than transportation, nothing to fall in love with or recall fondly. The first car that was ever mine all mine was a 1978 Dodge Omni 024. Aside from being a badly-built econobox, it, as an early front wheel drive car, exhibited a SAVAGE tendency to swap ends with no warning. Google “snap oversteer.”

Something pretty funny did happen IN that car, though

It was also the place where my first marriage ended, although Dodge cannot take credit for that boon.

Something pretty funny did happen IN that car, though:
A Regular Ray Bradbury

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  1. Jim Willis says:

    Dave, I remember those Omnis. Always thought your model bore a striking resemblance to the Mustang Notchback introduced in 1985 for a few years before Ford returned to the classic Mustang look.

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