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I am probably going against the tide of opinion when I extol the very good service I have received from the Unites States Postal Service (USPS), the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) and, dare I say it, Amazon.

The USPS has always done well by me. I cannot recall even one missed piece of mail. I find the prices reasonable and the peoples behind the counters and at the wheels of their delivery vehicles to be friendly and always helpful.

The most difficult time I ever had with the RMV was upgrading my Driver’s License to the newer ‘The Real ID’ and even then I was allowed to leave, go get that one last missing piece of information and I was able to return to the same representative – without having to re-wait in line.

Amazon, ah Amazon; it has been said that retailers offer customers multiple choices because to do so increases the overall sales of all their products and Amazon certainly does that. But their real test was ‘How do they handle returns?’ Well I for one was pleasantly surprised; the manufacturer of the product did not respond to any of my usage questions but Amazon allows returns easily – so easy that I had to only notify them online (which was how I has ordered the item) and then just leave it outside on my porch (where is was originally delivered) and they came and picked it up without any additional assistance from me. The credit to my account was immediate. Nice.

I live a charmed life.

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  1. Susan Bennet says:

    I think we used to call people like you “easy going”, Kevin. It’s a nice way to go through life. From your story I doubt you’d throw a fit even if things went badly. In my twenties I would do the occasional market research project via phone, and I’ve never forgotten how tough it is to have a difficult “customer.” This month I received two Christmas cards dated last December. No big deal, in fact it made me laugh. I expect your gracious manner has a lot to do with your positive customer service outcomes!

  2. Thanx Kevin, I also have no gripes, most customer service folks I’ve dealt with over the years have been helpful.

    My husband, who’s the gregarious type, always asks where they’re from and what baseball team they root for, and often long, friendly sports conversations follow!

  3. Dave Ventre says:

    My experiences with all three entities have been fairly similar to yours. Bad experiences just get a lot more press per incident. I try to make a point of posting good reviews for good businesses; too many people just live to complain.

    One exception (to me) is the people who work in larger USPS facilities; surly indifference is common there. Since in my experience most people are NOT like that, I have to figure it is just a bad, sad and demeaning place to work. People treated like crap cannot help but reflect that. The mail carriers, on the other hand, are usually very nice.

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