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Prompted By Parenthood

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My children birthed me

many times through our time together;

we have labored over

Our relationship

Our independence

Our interlocked destinies.


We have adventured as “family,”

fought as friends do, with

our least selves held in honor

at some core level,

while our higher selves

offered bridges of joy

and reflections of gratitude,

side-splitting times of laughter

silent understandings,

and connected times of sorrow.


They have offered me opportunity

to parent myself again

as I witnessed my wounds and worries,

flaws and failings,

through the interchange of our love

and deeply realized my strengths and offerings,

gifts and passions

through the memories we have

made with each other.


After 50 plus years on the planet,

I am more deeply realized,

knowing more surely the most hidden parts of

my existence,

the most vulnerable aspects of human life,

the greatest possibilities of being-ness-

through this one role:


It is the richest vein of learning

the single most channel of wealth

I have experienced:

through the tunnel, river, canyon, ocean, sky

called “mother.”


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  1. rosie says:

    You are very honest in your writing and I enjoyed reading your perspective.

  2. Suzy says:

    January, you have said it all so beautifully. This really is what parenthood is all about. I am finding it difficult enough to describe it in prose, and you have done it perfectly in poetry!

  3. Your words moved me to celebrate the complexities of our often-buried symbioses. Your photo embraced what your words so lyrically described. Thanks again!

  4. Proving that life tends to repeat itself, only not!

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