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(Please note: I am actually reading, and wish to comment upon, other Retrospect writer’s stories. But for some reason, since early August I am unable to reply to anyone’s stories but my own, no matter where I log in from. I also can’t even reply to other writer’s comments. All I get is a 503 server error. Until and unless this changes, posting my comments this way is the best I know to do. A slow, awkward kludge, but it’s the only idea I have. Also, my thanks to Suzy for suggesting that these “digests” are more accessible if posted in the current prompt)
The Magic of Digital Imaging by Barbara Buckles:
Very imaginitive. It made me thing of a Stephen King story, “Word Processor of the Gods.” Spooky tech from a previous era!
A dream, an encounter, a magical moment (and more) by Dale Borman Fink:
An amazing tale. Magic indeed. You were rewarded for your talent and for your chutzpah!
Once Upon A Time by jonathancanter:
Very poetic and evocative, John! I was there, inside your story. I was also reminded again that I never fully trust anyone who doesn’t like dogs (or cats!).
Phantom of the Opera by John Zussman:
Those statue artists creep me out as well, John! And Chaney’s Phanton is definitely the stuff of nightmares. Your story, though, is thought provoking.
The Inexplicable Magic of the Gates by Dana Susan Lehrman:
I was touched by your disappointment when the installation was gone.

Christo’s “Surrounded Islands” for some reason moved me deeply. I was also always impressed by the sheer ambition of his work. I had no idea he had a partner!
Letterman’s Favorite Magician by Betsy Pfau:
Never watched Letterman, so never heard of Jason Randal, but he is very very good!
Magic, Shmagic! by John Shutkin:
We are kindred born-skeptic souls, John! I was roundly punsihed when I was around four or five because I, as my parents put it, “ruined Christmas” for my one year younger brother by explaining that it was Mom and dad who brought the presents. Which was small beans, trouble wise, to what happened some years later when I took it upon myself to explain the biology of reproduction to the other kids in the neighborhood.
“Do you believe in fairies?” by Dana Susan Lehrman:
A lovely family recollection, Dana! I find live theater to be much more engaging than TV or movies can ever be. The audience are partners in the required suspension of disbelief.
This Magic Moment by Suzy:
My theory is that circus performers are actually very strong and lithe space aliens who have been quietly living among us for centuries.
I was hoping that the Tuesday fix had also solved my strange inability to post comments, but no joy there.
Pick a Card by Laurie Levy:
I’m not that impressed by large set-piece tricks; I know it’s technology even if I can’t figure it out. But a good sleight-of-hand performer always enthralls me!
The Magic Potion by Khati Hendry:
I also went through a period of eschewing all fiction (except science fiction), reading only things about science, history etc. That broke up as a college sophomore when I was introduced to The Lord of the Rings.
Penn and Teller after “Death” by Marian:
You make me want to go to there, despite the presence of Las Vegas, the monument to greed and a poor grasp of basic probability!

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  1. Tech is a mystery, hope you resolve your commenting problems Dave!

  2. So generous of you to go above and beyond in ensuring that we community of writers receive encouraging comments.
    The site has never in two years sent me notifications when someone responds to a comment I made (so I have to go looking for them), and now it has stopped letting me know if someone comments on my story. So finding your comment here was no more difficult than my usual circumstance.

    • Dave Ventre says:

      That is nice of you to say, Dale! I was actually afraid that somehow I was being annoying and needy, as in “I need to say stuff! Hear me! Waaaaa!.”

      I do tend to put the worst spin on, well, everything.

      I used to get notifications of comments on everyone’s stories, then they stopped. Then notifications of new posts stopped. Currently I can only interact directly with other Retro writers within the confines of my own stories, and I only get notifications of comments on those stories. So, I can’t respond or comment on other peoples comments on other people’s stories.

      It is odd when inanimate objects change….

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