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My mom loves to tell a certain set of stories about me over and over. This is one of them: on my first day of first grade I came home from school and drew a diagram of the classroom. My mother already knew I was the smartest kid in California, but this was honest to God proof.

What do you think?

Frankly I’m more impressed by my ability to imagine my whole family in ballet costumes. I’m pretty sure my mother didn’t have a tutu. Thankfully I didn’t give my dad one. Poor Alice, no arms.

my family in ballet costumes

Both of these items were pasted into my scrapbook, together with my first grade teacher’s bio. My mother was nothing if not thorough. Please note the M.A. from Stanford. Palo Alto has been proud of its great teachers for generations. I remember Mrs. Clark vaguely but fondly.

Mrs Clarks bio cropped

I bet if I look I can find more photos. Wouldn’t that be scary?

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  1. David Rock says:

    Good sense of humor. Nice whimsical sense to the writing.

  2. Betsy Pfau says:

    I have a scrapbook, but not like yours. Fantastic that your mother kept all that for you! Wonderful to have those memories. Thanks for sharing them with us, smartest kid in CA!

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