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The worst imaginable lemon

Covid 19 has battered us for a year and a half,
with no sign that it will ever be gone.

The glass of lemonade is Zoom . . .

Attending a wedding in Texas, a Purimspiel in New York,

Chatting with distant friends and relatives, because we can.

Formerly could have made a phone call, but generally didn’t.

Much nicer when we can look at each other.

Soon I will have my 50th college reunion, fortunately in person.

But in the time leading up to it, we are having zoom programs every month

A great way to bring people together!

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RetroFlash – 100 words

Covid 19 is the worst imaginable lemon, with no sign that it will ever be gone. The glass of lemonade is Zoom.
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Characterizations: right on!, well written


  1. John Shutkin says:

    Just a terrific RetroFlash, Suzy. And, particularly as I am busily preparing for a major Zoom event for my own classmates tomorrow, I can really resonate to your appreciation of Zoom as our COVID “lemonade.” (I just hope I remember to hit the “record” button and operate the timer correctly.)

    I also really like your highlighting of “lemon” and “lemonade” in yellow. It’s perfect for this prompt and I’ll have to remember there are colors available for my future stories. And your featured image is, quite simply, groovy.

    Finally, thanks again for introducing me to a new song title. It reminds me again that songs have continued to be written even if I am no longer in college. Who knew?

    • Suzy says:

      Thanks, John. I knew you would relate to the reunion zooms. My class looks to your class for inspiration! In fact, I need to zoom with you to talk about the program I have coming up.

      I hope you listened to the song Lemon Eyes, I think it’s pretty good even if it didn’t turn Meg Myers into a household name.

  2. Marian says:

    Very cool with the lemons in yellow, Suzy, and couldn’t agree more with your examples. Got to remember all the Zooms and seeing people on the east coast whom I otherwise never would have seen.

    • Suzy says:

      I was pleased to discover that we could use colors here, since I often do it in emails. Wasn’t sure how well the yellow would show up, but it seems like it does. While some people may be getting Zoom fatigue (I am not), I think it has been such a gift to be able to connect with people all over the world.

  3. Laurie Levy says:

    Suzy, you said everything I have been thinking in 100 words. Perfect!

  4. Betsy Pfau says:

    Great one, Suzy. I agree 100%. During the pandemic I exercised via Zoom, attended art lectures and distant studio visits via Zoom, I even got to attend my dear brother’s Passover Seders (twice) via Zoom and see out-of-state cousins in their own Zoom boxes, all very reassuring.

    I also agree with John – I liked your use of color for lemon and lemonade; inventive!

    • Suzy says:

      Betsy, let’s hope that by next Passover we can have seders in person – although of course that would mean you would have to travel to go to your brother’s seder. That makes me wonder if everyone will keep zooming after covid is over (if covid is ever over).

  5. Khati Hendry says:

    A succinct ode to Zoom, which we have all learned to use and appreciate since COVID hit town. Definitely a lemonade moment, and I think we will be drinking from that for a long time.

  6. Yes Suzy, Zoom has indeed been a godsend, but glad your 50th college reunion will be in person!

  7. You’ve even made lemonade out of Zoom, a communications aid that many have soured on :-)!

    • Suzy says:

      I know people talk about Zoom fatigue, but I have never experienced that. It is so much more satisfying than talking on the phone, especially with people who are far away. Can be tedious for meetings, I’m sure, but I’m just talking about social zooming.

  8. Dave Ventre says:

    When our lovely friend Stacy died in October of 2020, we all had a Zoom shiva. It was strange. Good, better than nothing, but it also made me realize how important actual human presence and contact are.

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