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A story begins in Atascadero , CA

Pouring over maps of the Mexican coastline a thought came to me, hell’s bell’s Stef , we’ve been born and raised here let’s go the other direction. Eastern Coastline, what do you think? Being the sport (babe) of all time she said, Where?

Fishing has been a tall order in the Hermes family and I trust most of my fishing buddies, so when a  close friend mentioned the  Bahamas I was interested. Stef was as well. We booked our flights and she gave me free reign on  where to stay.

Green Bananas is a small cottage on the key of Lubber’s Quarters. To find it, you must fly to Miami and fly to Marsh Harbour, rent you’re boat for the week, and make you’re way to the key.

Marsh Harbour Airport is the best! The customs man was sleeping, and we found our taxi driver, Poppa Lou,  got to the market, got food and grog and were off to the marina where the boat was waiting. Being late in the day, Poppa Lou helped us with the bags  down to the boat and Stef stowed it while I went to talk to the rental fellow.

Note on office door:

5 mph in  harbor     Lubber’s Quarters    steer ESE 5 mi.

See you Monday, man

Rest of story later ………..thanks Susan & John……..charlie

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  1. Susan says:

    Perfect example of island life. “Here’s your boat, go ESE 5 miles, see you Monday.” No signing multiple copies of insurance paperwork, no hassles, assuming the best about your fellow man. Can’t wait to hear about the one that got away! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Suzy says:

    Great story! Looking forward to the sequel.

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