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When I started thinking about this prompt, I started a list of all the reasons I had to be grateful, and soon found there was a true embarrassment of riches.  When stacked up next to myriad reasons to be dismayed, angry, and depressed, an old saying came to mind: “I guess a man (sic) is just about as happy as he makes his mind up to be.”  I am lucky that it is not hard to choose to feel like a lucky dog.

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Characterizations: right on!


  1. John Shutkin says:

    A terrific use of RetroFlash, Khati. I have never heard that saying before, but love both the thankful attitude you express through it and the intentionally mixed metaphor of your next sentence. And the perfect featured image to accompany your story.

    May I also assume that you are thankful for the anachronistic wording of the saying, thus allowing you to add a crucial extra word (“sic”) to the RetroFlash?

    • Khati Hendry says:

      I thought it might have been Will Rogers, but couldn’t confirm it with a brief google search. Did come up with lots of other great quotes fo
      from him in the process though. Glad you liked the picture—Joaquin is also a lucky dog 🐶

  2. Betsy Pfau says:

    Well said, Khati. Lucky, indeed. We all can choose to remember that. Based on your writings, I know you do.

  3. Thanx Khati for the reminder that happiness and gratitude is always within reach, just an attitude away.

    Good to know you, you lucky dog!

  4. Laurie Levy says:

    A perfect reflection, Khati. I agree that we are blessed in many ways, even though it’s easy to forget that in these pandemic and politically angry times. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. As I read through this week’s posts I see a powerful and promising thread — we’re all working hard to ac-cen-cho-ate the positive. I guess we’re all just a bunch of lucky dogs, Khati.

  6. Marian says:

    Thank you for a brief, uplifting Flash, Khati. Sometimes it helps to visualize our better selves, angels, and in this case, canines.

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