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I was 18 going on 19 my parents didn’t know I was going to Woodstock until they saw the cover of Life Magazine with me on the cover dancing naked in the mud at Woodstock. Anyway all the posters say 3 days but it was 4 days cuz Jimi played Monday morning and if you didn’t stay for Jimi you really missed one of the best parts of Woodstock. Another funny memory is when Country Joe McDonald said don’t take the brown acid and I thought to myself “Oops too late.”

I will gladly write more at a different time my ex Husband is about to take me out to dinner for labor day


I’m back to add to my story. I imagine you want to hear what it was like to be there and what we ate etc.. Well the hog farm made sure that we were fed and I guess my profile picture says it all my parents didn’t know that I had gone until they saw the picture on the cover of Life Magazine. I was grounded til I was 40 😃 that of course didn’t stick hahaha ok what else would you guys like to know?


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Characterizations: right on!


  1. John Zussman says:

    I love this first-hand account! It’s been said that if you can remember the ’60s you weren’t there, but this strikes me as a brilliant recall by someone who was definitely there—and has photographic evidence to prove it.

    As for what more I’d like to know, I’ll start with this: If you have children, what do they think of your Woodstock stories—and the photos?

  2. Laurie Levy says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Love the magazine cover!

  3. Thank you John❤ for your kind words and as far as my children he and his wife think that their mom and mother in law is very cool. Laurie thank you for your comment I think that I would also like to say to Laurie that picture is my very favorite one of me it was my profile picture when I was on Facebook under the name of Woodstock Sally

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