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As I made that move, the brunette cutie to my right clasped her hand around my wrist and whispered "that is SO annoying!"

For high school graduation, my parents bought me a fairly expensive diving watch, a Zodiac Sea Wolf. One feature of the watch was the stainless steel link bracelet it had by way of a band. When worn as a watch, not dive gear, it always seemed to be a bit loose on my thin wrist.

That watch changed my life.

In September of 1974, I entered college as a Marine Biology major. Like pretty much every college freshman in the United States, one of my courses was EN101, English Composition. Upon entering the classroom that first day, I chose a seat where I prefer to sit in any class; not directly in front of the teacher, but not hiding and not way out on the periphery. The spot I chose was just to the left of a short, shapely, olive-skinned girl with bobbed, dark brown hair. Brown eyes. I thought her quite pretty, in the Italian mode that I especially favor, but her presence had no bearing on my seating choice.

Although I am right-handed, I had taken to wearing my watch on my right hand; an artifact of my SCUBA gear configuration. I also had no idea that I had developed a habit of readjusting the position of my watch by raising my hand at the elbow and rotating it to shake the watch down a bit, until one day early in the semester, as I made that move, the brunette cutie to my right reached over, clasped her hand around my wrist and whispered “that is SO annoying!” (*)

According to psychological research, when a woman makes apparently casual physical contact with a man she doesn’t know well, she is likely being flirtatious. It might be unconscious on her part. Or it’s a completely crap theory; I don’t have a lot of faith in psychological research.

Other than maybe a casual nod or”Hi” once or twice, that was the first time this young lady had ever spoken to me. I remember being a bit shocked. I smiled at her, removed the watch and put it in my pocket. After class I apologized for being “SO annoying” and that was sort of it. For a week or so, anyway.

The young lady was Maria. Yes, that Maria.

Funny how a watch can change your life.

* She had a habit of emphasizing the word “so” in her speech. I thought it SO cute!

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A hyper-annuated wannabee scientist with a lovely wife and a mountain biking problem.

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  1. Suzy says:

    Glad my story made you think of this one, Dave, although I’m not sure I see the connection. Yes, that watch certainly did change your life.

  2. Marian says:

    How amazing such a trivial gesture (at least on the surface) changed everything for you, Dave. I’m glad you were inspired to write this story.

  3. Bravo Dave, we never know do we, what small or large action or event can change one’s life!

  4. Betsy Pfau says:

    That was SO interesting, Dave (emphasis intended). Thanks for sharing how you two met, and the role your watch played in it.

  5. Laurie Levy says:

    Life is indeed strange, Dave. Often little things we don’t think much about have huge consequences.

  6. Khati Hendry says:

    This story developed so charmingly. The last two sentences say so much in so few words. I’m glad you were inspired to write.

  7. Maria…I just met a — never mind, Dave. I loved your dismissal of psychological research in this nicely done short-short story. Couldn’t help but note that, as with my Steve Miller Band-inspired post, time keeps slippin’, slippin’, slippin’…

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