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I’m not really someone who makes new year’s resolutions, but this year Sally announced she plans to learn to play the old accordion she bought on a whim years ago.  She ordered a pile of learn-to-play books and found someone who promises to teach her.  This may be a passing fancy.  I resolve to love her regardless.

I'm not really someone who makes new year's resolutions, but this year Sally announced she plans to learn to play the old accordion she bought on a whim years ago. 

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  1. Suzy says:

    Love this, Khati! Having known accordion players, it’s easy to understand why you might need to make such a resolution. Very succinct, I guess it’s a MiniFlash at 57 words.

    • Khati Hendry says:

      Of course, if we want to have mini-flashes, Marian has set the bar at six words I think. Sally imagines plaintive romantic French tunes—or Cajun, or jazz standards, or blues. There is a good chance none of that will happen, not even “Lady of Spain”. Will have to report back though.

  2. Marian says:

    LOL, Khati. The photo of the accordion is gorgeous, and I can only hope for the sake of your household that Sally has enough talent to make her practice tolerable. This is definitely the most unusual resolution I’ve read about in a long time!

    • Khati Hendry says:

      I hope so too. Could be win-win: if she keeps her resolution and learns something, great—and if she doesn’t keep it, that could also be a win. Gotta give points for always coming up with something new anyway.

  3. it’s hard not to love someone who plays the accordion!

  4. PS
    Or someone at least who RESOLVES to learn to play the accordian!

  5. Aw Khati, I love this so much, such a great take on the prompt! And I love that accordion…it’s just a lovely thing. Reminds me of the book Accordion Crimes by Annie Proulx, pretty much my favorite author.

  6. Laurie Levy says:

    This is a great resolution, ,Khati. I hope Sally is more diligent than my husband who swore he would learn to play piano for the last two years, Maybe in 2022? And yes, I also love him regardless.

  7. The accordion is a wonderful instrument… when mastered.

  8. Played jazz with several wonderful accordionists. Also check out Astor Piazolla, wonderful Argentinian composer and accordionist.

  9. Wow, you sneaked some advocacy for FRUITCAKE into the comments section; quite a wily move! Nevertheless, I agree that your “left-handed” resolution is a good way to handle this prompt, and also that the photo could make abyone admire the accordion.

    • Khati Hendry says:

      Wow, you read the other comments LOL. The accordion came from a garage sale or similar bargain spot, but looking it up online, it is kind of a classy classic specimen. The sound seems promising. TBD how long the resolution survives, but at least to the first lesson I think.

  10. Dave Ventre says:

    True story:
    One Christmas long ago, Santa brought my brother a drum set for Christmas. It wasn’t long after that my Mom, in a freak accident of epic coincidence, stumbled and fell into it and managed to break every drum head, bend each cymbal and even take out the bass drum pedal.

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