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STILL cannot post comments on other people’s stories, so…

STILL cannot post comments on other people's stories, so...

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A Very Expensive Nose by jonathancanter

A fun story; that was CLOSE.
Being the sort of person who picks wines because they have pretty or amusing names or labels, I’d be a disaster at picking horses!

Derby Evening, 2017 by Betsy Pfau

A lovely painting, which IMMEDIATELY reminded me of Edward Hopper (the artist who most speaks to what is left of my soul…). We own ONE piece of original art; a lovely pen and ink drawing on New York City’s South Street Seaport. We bought it from the artist, from a street display, one day in the late 80s. A quick Google reveals that the artist’s work is still selling for about what we paid for our drawing. So much for my plans to retire on the proceeds from selling my art collection!


Higher (Priced) Education – A RetroFlash by John Shutkin

Knowing what higher ed has cost my younger relatives, I am VERY thankful to have endured my educational slog back when there was plenty of free or low-cost money for college and grad school. My institutions were more Poison Ivy League than Ivy League, but I escaped my three rounds of higher ed with only a small debt to pay. Youg people today are being crushed by a system designed to enrich banks. As in so many things, the US decided that making the rich richer is Job1.

Elliptical Intentions by Dana Susan Lehrman

For me it was a rowing machine….
And barbells…
And running shoes….
And a set of bike rollers….

I do frequently wear my Louboutins, though….

(btw, jazz chanteuse Aubrey Logan has a fun song (check YouTube) called Louboutins 2.0)


Shades of Blue by Suzy

SO sad about the demise of the painting. I must say, had I been in that wreck, once the post-adrenaline-rush depression set in, I’d have DEMOLISHED that pie before the tow truck arrived.


Sending our Children to College by Laurie Levy

A story of love and dedication for sure! And it is sadly true that higher education costs have SO outstripped inflation and income that decades of indentured servitude to the educational debt is a common fate. I saw it happening as an undergrad back at Bedrock U; jack up the tuition every damned year because the kids can always get bigger GRANTS(!) and low-cost loans. When that well ran dry, many colleges faced financial crisis. My own alma mater had to sell off properties to survive like that guy trapped by a rock on his arm in the canyon….
I was lucky to be done with degree-seeking just before that system went insane.


The Boyfriend, the Condo, and the Desk by Marian

I have not had many “gotta have it” moments for inanimate objects (as opposed to women…) but I am writing this at my “desk” which is actually a 40s-vintage Art Deco steel office table with a Formica top that I salvaged out of a Prof’s office that I was tasked with refurnishing. After learning that it was HIS, not school property, and that he had no use for it, it simply HAD to come home with me!

Our Philip Pearlstein Nude by Dana Susan Lehrman

An interesting painting. VERY 1970s.
I was at the Orsay last year, but missed the work that Susan hints at!

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