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Last week I looked at the hula hoop leaning lazily against my bedroom door. I looked at myself in my floor length mirror, sucked my belly in and was saddened to see that my once-slim waist was still pinchable. I decided it was time to begin a hula hoop regimen to take care of that. A half hour a day, I thought, should do the trick. Fifteen minutes in each direction. I turned on the tv to watch a lithe Nicole Kidman in some movie, as motivation. A half hour later I felt great! But the next day, not so much. I’d forgotten that my back was 74 years old. I’m afraid that fad is for kids.

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  1. Suzy says:

    Penny, I love this story! I’m impressed that you could keep the hoop up for 15 minutes in each direction. And I know the pain you felt the next day. This is almost a RetroFlash (100 words), but it’s so good, I wouldn’t cut a single word of it!

  2. Marian says:

    Penny, I admire you for even trying this workout. Really fun story to which we all can relate.

  3. Well, Penny at least you gave it that old college try! And amazing that you still had that old hula hoop, now probably worth something on eBay!

    Funny how old our bodies, and so young our hearts!

  4. Laurie Levy says:

    I think you are pretty amazing, even if you paid the price the next day. Brava Penny!

  5. Very relatable! I was right there with you til the end, Penny…at least in my head. And now my back hurts in sympathy.

  6. This was one power-packed paragraph! And apparently so are you, in spite of the current condition of your lumbar area.

  7. P.S. I thought the title was Hula Owl and was going to give you props for a title that suggested that you were older and wiser! Then I looked again and realized I had seen that L and it wasn’t there.

  8. Betsy Pfau says:

    As they say, the spirit is strong, the body; weak. Kudos for trying. I, too, am impressed that a) you had a hula hoop in your possession, and b) you could keep at it as long as you did. I sympathize about the back. They are not our friend as we age. But don’t give up, maybe find something a bit gentler to start with, but don’t give up the fight!

    Love that you could be inspired by ultra-thin and very “of the moment” Nicole Kidman too. I saw her in person once, 18 years ago, before she started Botoxing the life out of her face. She is VERY tall and porcelain-like. Exquisite!

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