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Prompted By Vaccination

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Yep I the first time I went down to the convention center in San Fransisco, looked at the crowd then said ‘Heck No’I turned around, and headed home. Then a couple of weeks later I got an e-mail saying. come on down You are next on “the price is right”! So They gave me a shot right there and I sat down for 15 minutes. I told the very fun nurse that I understood that these shots actually increase your IQ by 50 percent and that you develop a third eye. Got my second shot 3 weeks later after they cleared it up on the computer that I received my first shot on the second visit. Now I Wear my button with pride and wear no mask in hopes to let people know that it is alright to let go of their media-driven fears.        thank you, Dj discOworm

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born in Boston in 1950 father was a country and western DJ L.A. Basin.I started my record collection when 13. always buying records having parties around 80 people in 70 Salt Lake . Played Sly and family stone, while we all got stoned. police came. we all crawled out the back windows and doors. lived in Dinwoody Mansion. 1974. dJ at a lot of LDS events.New Years at Ogden Conference Center.
It Looked Like A Big round space ship .wired tv to stereo to watch dick Clark NYE

Characterizations: right on!


  1. Khati Hendry says:

    Congratulations. Nothing like making it easy to do the right thing, and a good laugh goes a long way too. But I’m still waiting for my third eye…..

  2. Suzy says:

    Glad you got your shot, and even a button to prove it. Thanks for joining us here on Retrospect, I like the perspective that you bring.

  3. Betsy Pfau says:

    Glad you “screwed your courage to the sticking place” and went for it the second time! (Can you tell that I was a theater major? That was a quote from Shakespeare.) And yes, no need to fear any longer.

  4. After chickening out the first time DJ, I’m glad you manned up and got your shots!
    May we all stay safe!

  5. Laurie Levy says:

    So glad you went through with it. Wish I had a button like yours so I wouldn’t have to keep telling people in my building that it’s ok to get on the elevator with me.

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