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I am so glad I am not in middle school and no longer have to deal with cliques and mean girls. Thank goodness I grew up and survived that phase of life.

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Retired from software sales long ago, two grown children. Theater major in college. Singer still, arts lover, involved in art museums locally (Greater Boston area). Originally from Detroit area.

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  1. Yeah, we have left that behind, but I’m not sure society has. They’re still out there and they can still hurt. But hallelujah we aren’t in 7th grade anymore!

  2. Too bad we didn’t have “mean people suck” in our defense arsenals back then. And they weren’t just mean to the girls, either.

  3. Thank you, Betsy. In ‘retrospect,’ how would you like the high point of your life to be your glory days as the high school basketball star or cheerleader and to marry each other right after graduation?

    • Betsy Pfau says:

      No thanks. I have oft heard that, like fine wine, we ripen with age. I sometimes think I’d like to have my 20 year old body with my 63 year old wisdom. Alas, that ain’t gonna happen, though I do work hard at the gym.

  4. John Shutkin says:

    Terrific point, Betsy. Of course, we nerdy guys were spared the worst of the mean girls’ wrath: they mainly just ignored us. But you offer a poignant and painful reminder of how awful it was for the girls who were not in the “right” cliques. And your recollection of it in the context of “good riddance” underscores just what pain it inflicted.

  5. Risa Nye says:

    And I say “Amen” to this!

  6. Suzy says:

    Yes, glad to have that behind us. And two years after you wrote this “quick take” we got the chance to write entire stories on the anguish of those times.

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