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I was made Queen for a Day.  But that started a Family Feud and landed me in Jeopardy. 

What’s My Line? They ask.

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!

To Tell the Truth, some

Hollywood Squares put me in

The Dating Game, and with the correct

Password, I was made

Queen for a Day.  But that started a

Family Feud and landed me in

Jeopardy.  Then, the

Wheel of Fortune turned.

Who wants to be a millionaire? That’s

The $ 64,000 Question!

You Bet Your Life I do. But

Who do you Trust? In any case, if

The Price is Right,

Let’s Make a Deal!



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Characterizations: funny, right on!


  1. Betsy Pfau says:

    Very fun RetroFlash recapitulation of Game Shows through the ages, Khati. Love the way you use one to lead into the next. It all makes sense and you squeeze a lot of old friends in. Great job!

  2. Love this, Khati…I think you and Marian are tied for most clever Retroflash! We might have to have a championship round!

  3. John Shutkin says:

    Perfect RetroFlash, Khati, as others have noted. You have produced a truly comprehensive “greatest hits” listing of quiz shows in the guise of a personal narrative. And all in 100 words.

    You win The Big Payoff! (With Bess Myerson modeling a mink coat, remember?)

  4. Marian says:

    Love your flash, Khati, and there were a few in there that really made me smile. C’mon down and let’s see what’s behind Door #1. On a scholarly note, statisticians like to discuss the “Monty Hall” paradox.

  5. Khati Hendry says:

    Oops. Apologies to Jimmy Buffet! He sang about door number three. Janis song about Dialing for Dollars (Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a color TV etc).

  6. Laurie Levy says:

    Really clever and fun. A great trip down memory lane for me.

    • Khati Hendry says:

      And I missed quite a few I realized after looking at the other posts. The things we remember without making an effort though—I guess those advertisers knew what they were doing when they sponsored all those shows.

  7. Suzy says:

    As everyone else has already said, this was very clever! If you want to update it with more shows, I think that would be great! You would just need to take the word “retroflash” out of the title. Fun to see how you could make sentences out of more titles.

  8. What great fun Khati, thanx for the smiles!

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